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Entry for July 28, 2006


I pick up the phone the minute I get home and I call Kripps Pharmacy in Vancouver. I speak to the pharmacist and he tells me they used to make it but not anymore. In fact, they haven’t supplied it for years…

So why then is it listed in Health Canada’s Drug Product Database as available?


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Entry for July 28, 2006


Toronto General: Pharmacy closes at 6:00 PM on Fridays. Closed

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Entry for July 28, 2006


Princess Margaret: Pharmacy closes at 5:30 PM on Fridays. Closed

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Entry for July 28, 2006


Mount Sinai: Pharmacy closes at 6:00 PM on Fridays. I take a look at my watch and it’s just after six.

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Entry for July 28, 2006


Before I leave work, I call Health Canada to see if I can get through to anyone. Nope…voicemail so I hang up.

On my way home I decide to stop in to Sick Kids to see if it makes a difference in person. I walk into the lobby and Shoppers Drug Mart is real easy to find. I hand the pharmacist my perscription and immediately she assumes that it is B-12. I explain once again, that it’s for Riboflavin B-2. She says right away that they don’t have it but she checks some books, makes a few phone calls and checks the internet. She calls upstairs to Sick Kids and they check a database of every prescribed medication and have no record of ever prescribing a B-2 injection to any patient.

She says B-2 is available by injection but none of their suppliers have it. She does a lookup on another computer and prints out a page. It’s for a lab in Vancouver called Kripps Pharmacy Ltd and listed as a natural supplement is the B-2 injection. She provides me with their phone number and I’ll call them when I get home.

She says there is one more person she can try calling but that will have to wait until Monday. She hands me her card and she asks for my phone number. She says if I don’t hear back from her by Monday afternoon, to call her.

As I leave the hospital, I notice Mount Sinai is across the street, beside it is Princess Margaret and Toronto General is across another street. This is the perfect place to have a heart attack!

I still have a bit of time before my train so why not visit each one to see what they come up with.

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Entry for July 28, 2006


All our products are tested and controlled by the specialists of GeroVital Ltd. They are also approved for public usage by the State of Romania. In case of conflict the only jurisdiction is the judicial system of the State of Romania. 

GeroVital H3 products (with the exception of GEROVITAL injectable vials/ampoules) are classified and supplied as Food/Dietary Supplements. In the United States of America GH3 products are protected as a Dietary supplement under the 1994 Dietary Supplements act. In countries where there is no distinction between Dietary supplements and Pharmaceutical products most give their citizens the right to order any product if for personal use.

For Gerovital injectable vials, It is our experience that almost all countries will accept Gerovital H3 ampoules/vials for import.  In practice and in theory most countries allow the importation of even medicinal products anyway if for personal use. It is our understanding that no prescription is required to receive this injectable product but common sense would dictate that you be under the supervision of a health care professional (Doctor, MD, Nurse) to administer the ampoules/vials. Gerovital injectable vials/ampoules (although it has not happened yet),  returned, by customs can be refunded less a 15% supplier restocking fee.

Goods are normally received within 10-14 days, GeroVital Ltd is shipping PRIORITY  International   for its dietary Supplements. If requested an extra shipping and handling fee will be charged for Express Courier Delivery service (less than a week). Goods not dispatched within 5 weeks may be fully refunded on request.

GeroVital Ltd: (UK)

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Entry for July 28, 2006

I had to order my vitamin injection from Romania. My wife was a little leary about ordering from a somewhat corrupt country. So why Romania of all places? Doctor Google?



Vitamins are extremely popular in Romania but consumption frequency tends to be low. The main reason for consumption is a result of the relatively low per capita income of the Romanian population. Vitamins are supposed to provide biological strength and enable the individual to cope better with fatigue, stress, illness, malnutrition, and mental and physical efforts. The Romania’s vitamin market size reached US$ 19.5 mil. in 1999.

The National Medicines Agency (ANM) and the Ministry of Health have stipulated that high dosage vitamins be classified as pharmaceuticals, thus requiring importers to obtain import licenses and requiring local manufacturers to obtain product registration.

The National Drug Institute has proposed to reclassify vitamins to conform with regulations in the US, Germany, and France. Single vitamins will be classified as food products and only high dosage vitamins A, D, E, and K will be classified as prescription drugs.

Market Information:

The largest selling products in the market are low cost Romanian vitamins produced by Eurofarm and Sicomed as well as imported products manufactured by such companies as Glaxo Wellcome, Sanofi, UPSA, Novartis, Walmark, Bristol Meyers, and Liner Health. Hoffmann La Roche vitamins are intended for urban areas with average and high incomes.

During the period of 1996-98, the vitamin and pharmaceuticals market recorded an upward trend in sales and revenues. However, in 1999 the depreciation of the local currency against the US dollar was reflected in a decrease sales figure of all major international producers. The lower purchasing power compelled vitamin consumers to buy Romanian products because of their lower price. Thirty-five to forty percent of Romanians used vitamin C, multivitamins, calcium, and magnesium produced by local firms. 57.70% used vitamin C, 47.90% used multivitamin, 42.80% used calcium, and 23.10% used magnesium. The most popular foreign multivitamin are: Magne B6, Plusssz, and Supradyn. B complex and minerals share a large portion of the market.

Food supplements don’t need any special approval for registration. They are found in supermarkets, the most popular ones being: Kruger, Pluzz, and Pez . For food supplements, the importer must obtain an approval of the Institute of Hygiene.

It is worth underscoring that there is no educational program. Products need to be designed to provide consumers with answers to simple questions such as: what are the vitamins? When do we need them? When do we use them?

Market Access:

Romania’s pharmaceutical vitamin manufacturers include foreign-owned, Romanian – owned and joint-venture firms. The foreign-owned firms are also major importers. Most of the locally owned firms are small to medium size enterprises with low level production technology, focusing on few vitamins. There is a remarkable difference between the registration of dietary supplements and registrations/OTCs, the first ones needing approximately five months for registration, while drugs and OTCs are registered in a period of approximately two years from the moment of submission. This amount of time are considered only if all registration related documents are in good order.

Vitamin dosages that are less than, or equal to the following standards are classified as Food:


A 1000ug (3300UI)

D 5ug (200UI)

E 10mg

C 60mg

B1 1.4mg

Folic acid 400ug

B2 1.6mg

B6 2mg

B12 3ug

PP 18mg

Calcium 800mg

P 800mg

Fe 14mg

Mg 300mg

Zn 15mg

Na 2300mg

Cu 1.25mg

SE 20ug

F 1.5mg

For children, the concentrations have to be half of the ones described above. The maximum admitted dose for one-a-day multivitamin is twice the above dose for liposoluble vitamins, and three-times the above dose for hydrosoluble vitamins.

Trade Procedures:

There are no known barriers imposed on imports of vitamins to Romania. Currently, there are no known forthcoming regulations or legislation that would impede imports.

Ok…I feel better now…

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Entry for July 28, 2006


For $25.07 I order the injectable vitamin B2. Not available in Canada? Who cares. Romania has it and will ship it directly to my house without a prescription.


Order Status: Awaiting Shipment
Order History: 28 Jul 2006 – Received
Supplier: GeroVital/GeroVitamines

Vitamins B2 10Mg Riboflavin 5 Vials Injectable: $15.53 CAD

Shipping Method:   PROPORTIONAl
Shipping and Packaging:   $9.54 CAD
Grand Total:    $25.07 CAD

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Entry for July 28, 2006

After my story this morning, a co-worker decides to google B2 injections to see if anything comes up. She comes arcoss a web site that lists a whole bunch or injectable vitamins and they ship to Canada. She sends me the link and yes they do have injectable vitamins!!!

They have a wide variety of injectable vitamins:

Scientific studies prove constantly that Vitamins injections are much more efficient than tablets &  gel  caps. The molecular structure of the vitamin is not attacked by the whole digestive system, its acids and enzymes. Consequently the absorption/retention rate is much higher and the results are faster and much more efficient. Those Vitamins are dietary supplements in the USA. We offer also Mega doses 5mg of Folic Acid (B Vitamins) in tablets.

The maker of GeroVital ® offers now 100% efficient Vitamins injections in vials. Those dietary supplements are approved and controlled by the Romanian Department of Health. Their quality is guaranteed by the stringent  European ISO and GMP certifications. We offer now Multivitamins injectable.

Those injections are recommended for athletes, people suffering from a known disease, seniors, Children, depression and fatigue, etc.They may be utilized for Pet treatments.

We offer 100% pure  A, B1, B2,  B6, B12, C, D2, D3 & E injectable vitamins, Multivitamins,  Romanian GeroVital H3 & Calcium in Injections. We deliver worldwide, no prescription are needed (which make our prices even more attractive).
Please see the effects and recommendations on each vitamins in clicking on the left (source Oregon State University-Lisa Pauling Institute Micro Nutrient Information Center). To order it safely click the secure button “CC buy Now”.

So that’s exactly what I do. I click on the secure button “CC buy Now”…

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Entry for July 28, 2006


Before going into work today, I thought I’d try the Shoppers Drug Mart close by and see if I have any luck. She was very helpful and comes back with B12. Here we go again…

I explain that it’s for a B2 injection and she looks it up in her computer and in a few books. Nothing. She said that if they don’t have it no other pharmacy will have it because everyone has the same suppliers. She suggested I try a hospital. She said that a B2 injection is extremely rare and asks me how I got it. I played it simple and talked about not eating my fruits and vegetables.

I come into work and my co-workers are curious about the events from yesterday. I explain the entire the story and my frustration with the Health Care system in general. I work in the largest city in Canada and no one can fill a prescription from a medical doctor.

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