Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 27, 2006


It’s now getting late in the day and I call into work to tell them I won’t be back in the office. I explain to my co-worker about the events from the afternoon and I’m about to embark downtown to Sick Kids to find out if they have B2 for injections.

She does a quick google search and apparently new born babies are sometimes injected with B2 if there is a deficiency. This is great news so she agrees to look up the pharmacy at Sick Kids and call them for me.

After a brief pause, she comes back on the phone and says they don’t have it. The person she spoke to explained that Sick Kids actually uses Shoppers Drug Mart at the bottom of their building. There is a internal pharmacy but that is only used for the kids and not available to the public.

I can’t get a break anywhere. She suggests that I call Health Canada to find out if B2 injections are available in Canada. That’s a great idea so I call them and leave a message on a machine with my cell number.

I go back to the doctor’s office and I tell him what the pharmacy said and about Sick Kids. He suggests that I keep taking my B1 and B2 suppliments at the recommended dosage until I get to the neurologist.

Not the answer I was looking for but I guess I have no choice. In the meantime I can keep looking. I contact Telehealth just to see what the response would be and they couldn’t really help me and I didn’t expect them too. She suggested contacting Health Canada and I’ve already done that.

Here we go again… and still vibrating…


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