Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 21, 2006


I get home and discover that there is a pharmacutical company near Montreal that has Riboflavin Butyrate posted as one of the supplements they can supply. This is great as they are in Canada and might be easy to find a pharmacy that deals with them. I send them an email to see if they provide me with a company that can get it for me.

I continue from pharmacy to pharmacy and even tried a few health stores. I came up with nothing but the pharmacy in our Loblaws said they would make a few phone calls and get back to me. I give them the name of the web site and they will try to contact them.

I also leave my name and number with the health food store and they will call me back as well.

I have an idea. If the water soluble vitamins are being wasted because of my intake of water during the day why not take them at night? The body will absorb the vitamins durning the eight hours overnight while I’m sleeping.

I’ve tried drinking less water during the day but I find it’s really hard to cut down. And that’s a great thing because I used to hate drinking water.

So I take one 100 mg water soluble B2 supplement before I go to bed. Let’s see what happens.

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