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Entry for July 18, 2006

Is Diet Soda Making You Fat?
By Leslie Pepper

If you drink diet soda to stay slim, you may be doing yourself a disservice. Researchers at the University of Texas Health Center at San Antonio tracked more than 600 normal-weight adults over seven to eight years and found that, on average, those who drank diet soda- even as little as one can or bottle a day- did not lose weight and were significantly more likely to become overweight than those who drank regular soft drinks or none at all. The more diet soda they drank, the more likely they were to become overweight.

How can that be? Sharon Parten Fowler, M.P.H., a researcher on the study, has a few theories. One is that artificial sweeteners may muddle the body’s ability to judge caloric intake by offering a taste of something sweet without providing the calories. Scientists at Purdue University discovered that rats fed a diet including an artificially sweetened liquid ate more than rats given natural high-calorie sweeteners alone. “When the brain senses food coming in, it puts into motion mechanisms to take care of the calories it anticipates,” notes Fowler. But when those calories fail to materialize, the body may continue to crave what it expected, which may lead to bingeing.

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Entry for July 18, 2006

I’ve decided to start taking Wheatgrass everyday.

There are four other special components of wheat grass, which make it particularly valuable. These – not in any particular order – are:

  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • P4D1
  • Muco-polysaccharides
  • Chlorophyll

FRESH WHEATGRASS JUICE (Nature’s Great Healer)

ENERGIZER: The vitality obtained from wheatgrass juice is remarkable. Two ounces of fresh wheatgrass juice is equivalent to the nutritional value of roughly 4 pounds of organic green vegetables in vitamin and mineral content. On an empty stomach, it is assimilated into the blood in about 20 minutes. The vitality lasts throughout the day.

NUTRITIONAL: Wheatgrass juice is a complete food that can be taken orally with no toxic side affects. It contains most of the vitamins and minerals needed for human maintenance. It is also a complete protein with about 30 enzymes and is approximately 70% crude chlorophyll.

BLOOD BUILDER: Both chlorophyll (as in wheatgrass juice)and hemoglobin (red blood cells) are molecularly similar. The only actual difference is that the central element in chlorophyll is magnesium and in hemoglobin it is iron. Chlorophyll has the ability to break down poisonous carbon dioxide and release free oxygen. This inhibits and reduces the action of anaerobic bacteria (a disease-producing micro-organism). Wheatgrass juice has been shown to build red blood cells quickly after ingestion. It normalizes high blood pressure and stimulates healthy tissue-cell growth.

BODY CLEANSING: The many detergent factors of wheatgrass juice can drain the lymph system, carrying away many toxins from all body cells. When an imbalance or injury exists (examples: sore tendons or joints; degenerative disease; etc.), there is a natural build-up of mucous in the lymph particular to that area. This mucous is encapsulated, helping to ensure the proper flow of lymphatic fluid. Wheatgrass juice helps to breakdown the mucous and allow it to drain. This helps to relieve pressure and allow healing.

BODY HEALING: According to Survival of the 21st Century, “In therapeutic amounts, it will detoxify the body by increasing the elimination of hardened mucous, crystallized acids and solidified, decaying fecal matter. Wheatgrass juice’s high enzyme content helps dissolve tumors. It is the fastest, surest way to eliminate internal waste and provide an optimum nutritional environment. Wheatgrass juice can also be used as a poultice or wash, stimulating healthy new cells and fighting infections.”


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