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Entry for July 14, 2006


In a continuing effort for a healthier lifestyle, tonight I had an Alfalfa sandwich for supper. It was a bit like having a sandwich with extra crunchy lettuce.

Now that I’ve been taking vitamin A for almost a week, I have a new theory.

Thinking I have a B2 deficiency, I was taking 100 mg tablets and I found that it would make my eyes water if I took it in high doses. I always thought it was because I was taking too much but now I’m thinking different. I think the reason my eyes were watering was because my eyes were too weak from the vitamin A deficiency and couldn’t handle the extra B2. I’ve taken B2 in much higher doses lately and I’ve had no problem whatsoever.

It really feels like I have a new set of eyes.

Speaking of eyes, my Iridology follow up is tomorrow and I can’t wait.


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Entry for July 14, 2006

I was googling chest pain this morning and I came across an article regarding mitral valve prolapse. It detailed sharp chest pain as a symptom. Interesting because when my doctor sent me to the emergency two years ago, the specialist seemed rather annoyed that I was bothering him because all of the tests came out normal. I asked him if the pain was due to the mitral valve prolapse and he said no. “It could be anything.” was his direct response. So was my sharp pain due to mitral valve prolapse or allergies as my acupuncture doctor suggested?

Mitral Valve Prolapse

Mitral valve prolapse usually has no symptoms, but some people experience palpitations (sensation of rapid or strong heartbeat) and chest pain. Chest pain associated with mitral valve prolapse differs from that of typical angina in that it is sharp, does not radiate, and is not related to physical exertion. Other symptoms include fatigue, light-headedness, and shortness of breath.

My chest pain was sharp, did not radiate, was not related to physical exertion and I did have shortness of breath.

Not one doctor or specialist told me it was a symptom of mitral valve prolapse.

Not one doctor or specialist ever mentioned or suggested that it could be linked to a magnesium deficiency.

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Entry for July 14, 2006

Yesterday afternoon was very weird. I was in a regular monthly team meeting and my hands and feet go cold and I was shivering. It was a cool room but it certainly wasn’t cold. After the meeting I was fine the rest of the day.

This morning I woke up and I felt a strange tightness in the upper left side of my chest. It felt more like a pulled muscle than anything else and I had no other symptoms. I ate my vitamins on the train and had an apple. The pain lasted until around 10:00 am and left as quickly as it came.

I used the Essential oils last night and again this morning. The vibration seemed weaker this morning and it was extremely weak last night.

I’ve tried so hard to figure this out by trying different vitamins and minerals in various doses and combinations but I really do need some guidance.

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