Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 11, 2006

Now that I’ve established that the lab has completed the test results, I give the doctor’s office until noon to call me. There is no call so I contact them. I speak to the secretary and she searches the computer and says they are still waiting for the test results. I explain that I contacted the lab and they told me it was completed. She checks again and puts the phone down. She comes back after a few minutes and explains that they do not have the results. So it’s back to the lab. They have the B12 result but are still waiting for Folate, CRP and Thiamine. She says that if there is anything abnormal about the results, the lab will call them directly.

I call the lab again and explain that I’m looking for my test results. She looks it up in the computer and tells me they have been completed. I explain that I just got off the phone from the doctor’s office and they have not yet received the results. She asks me to name the type of tests that are still outstanding: Folate, CRP and Thiamine. She explains that the results have been sent twice to my doctor and that the Thiamine test takes 15 days and it’s not completed yet. The doctor’s office only has one of the test results so I ask her to fax the results again.

What a joke. No patient should have to go through this.

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