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Entry for July 10, 2006


Today marks three weeks from the blood test on June 17th. Three weeks and still no results. My call to the doctor’s office last week told me it wasn’t back from the lab. Three weeks for a simple standard vitamin blood test? The secretary seemed more annoyed that I was calling then to question the excessive timeline.

I finally decide to check the $50.00 invoice for the test to see if it says anything about the timeline of the test. On the invoice it indicates the name of the lab as Gamma-Dynacare. A quick google search and I’m on the phone to their customer service department that is open until midnight. Now that’s customer service!

An operator comes on the phone and I explain that I am trying to follow up on some test results and how it’s been over three weeks. She seemed quite surprised that the results were taking so long. She asks me for my health card number but I don’t have it with me. Luckily, she can do a look up by name.

She finds the test in her computer and says it was completed on JUNE 17 TH.

WHAT!!! JUNE 17th??!!! It was completed on the same day it was sent to the lab???

She says that the results have been sent to my doctor and I explain that I followed up last week and was told they didn’t have the results from the lab. She resends the results while I was on the phone to my doctor’s fax number. So let’s see if I get a phone call tomorrow.

The state of health care system in Ontario is that a patient has to follow up with the lab for their own test results. A simple vitamin blood test.


Here’s what the web site says about their services:

Playing an integral role in Canadian health care.

Gamma-Dynacare is one of the largest and most respected medical laboratories in Canada. We take pride in the services we provide to millions of Canadian patients, more than ten thousand clinicians, our hospital partners and our corporate clients. We make a substantial contribution to the Canadian health care system.

More than 70% of diagnoses made by clinicians are influenced by the results of medical diagnostic tests. We are conscious of the great responsibility that this places on Gamma-Dynacare. We fulfill this responsibility by operating an integrated, state-of-the-art laboratory system that collects, transports and tests tens of thousands of specimens each day. Results are promptly reported to ordering clinicians, routinely within 24 hours.

The web site states that test results are routinely reported within 24 hours and yet the doctor’s office didn’t think it was unusual for me to wait three weeks!


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