Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 07, 2006


Went to the Osteopath today for my second appointment.

He briefly reviewed the case history and explained that the treatment would start with the cranium plates in my skull. He comments on the fact that I’ve done a tremendous amount of research for someone who is not in the health care profession.

He spent most of the hour lightly touching my head in various positions. It didn’t really feel like he was doing anything it was so delicate. He told me that the plates were still very firm and that he could feel no movement. By the time he finished he could now feel movement and was happy with the progress.

He commented on the fact that the left side of my skull suffered some kind of tramua and that it happened a long time ago. He continued by saying that he felt that a part of the temporal lobe was deeper than it should be.  He showed me a book on the human anatomy and explained about the treatment and of course I found it all very interesting.

I told him that I’d done a bit more research since my last visit and I now have the feeling that a magnesium deficiency caused the B vitamin deficiency. So I explain that I’ve discovered a link between magnesium and the Cerebrospinal fluid. In my preliminary exam he told me that mine was weak so I was curious if a magnesium deficiency could cause this. He wasn’t familiar with biochemisty so he couldn’t say for certain.

For the rest of the night I feel slightly light-headed. Very weird but very fascinating at the same time.


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