Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 04, 2006


“One quarter of what you eat keeps you alive… the other three-quarters keeps your doctor alive.”

Followed up with the naturopath. Usually I have my discoveries and detailed results of my experiments with me but not today. I’m expecting the test results from the hormonal test so I’ll let her take the lead. I’m sitting in the waiting area for about fifteen minutes before she comes out and calls my name. I was quite startled and she apologizes for scaring me.

She starts by asking about how I’ve been feeling since the last appointment on June 3rd. She wants to know about the high doses of niacin and if it’s had any effect. I’m really only interested in the test results and so with a lack of my usual enthusiasm, I explain my new theory about a B1 deficiency and how it’s critical for the creation of nerve sheaths. I show her Benfotamine and explain how it worked instantly. I continue and explain about Beriberi and how I’m still waiting for confirmation from a blood test taken two weeks ago. I mention the case study from Mount Sinai and explain about magnesium deficiencies and the connection to Mitral Valve Prolapse.

She doesn’t appear convinced and mentions that a magnesium deficiency would’ve shown up on the hair analysis. She pulls it out from my file and points to the bottom half and it shows that my magnesium level is normal. This is the same area that she told me to ignore the first time because it was considered too controversial for a reliable reading. I don’t mention anything and go along with it.

From a previous post:

“There has been no lab test that will give an accurate reading of the magnesium status in the tissues. Only one percent of magnesium of the body is distributed in the blood, making a simple sample of magnesium in the blood highly inaccurate. That’s why most doctors who rely on blood tests for magnesium and not magnesium deficiency signs and symptoms and realization that up to 80 percent of the population is deficient, will miss an important diagnosis.”

She also talks about the time I wasn’t feeling well after taking her suppliments and says it was due to the homopathic remedy she gave me and not the calcium/magnesium effect on an alkaline stomach. (Not a chance. She’s either not listening or doesn’t understand my problem.) I explain about how my nerves are shot and how I jumped out of my chair when she called my name. It’s not normal and the B vitamins are not working so it must be something else effecting the nerves and I really think it’s magnesium.

From the Hair Analysis, she talks about how I have high levels of Aluminum and Silver and asks me if I am still talking Zinc and Copper. I stopped taking those a while back when I quit taking the Calcium/Magnesium the first time and never started taking them again. She wants to take another hair analysis in a month’s time to see if there is any improvement. We start talking about the B vitamins again but I’m really starting to have my doubts. I think B1 was only part of the problem and not the root cause. She asks me about all of the vitamins I am taking and I’m only taking three extra. Lecithin, Omega Three and Silica. Again, she reviews the controversial part of the hair analysis and says my silica level was fine. She asks me if I’ve lost any weight and actually, I’ve gained weight but not on my waist so it appears that I’m building muscle but it sure doesn’t feel like it. She asks me if I exercise and of course I say no. Maybe if I felt better and stonger I would exercise.

Until recently, I’ve always used the second notch on my belt but lately, I’ve been using the third one. I bought a new pair of pants last week and normally I’m a 38 waist but I ended up buying the 36 because they were such a great fit. She takes my weight and I am 186 lbs. My ideal weight should be around 170 lbs.

She hands me the results from the hormone analysis. The report is quite technical and I don’t understand a lot of it but basically my hormones are normal. So much for hormone disruptors in plastic chemicals.

She wants me to monitor my head pinching and vibrations and follow up in three weeks. I purchase her B Complex vitamins from Thorne. I tell her that I’ve tried to replace it with her brand or and equivalent with the same dosage but I can’t find it anywhere. She says that Thorne is a very high end brand name that is only available to the medical community.

I’ve been monitoring my head pinching and vibrations for over a year and I’ve had enough. She doesn’t appear to be listening and apart from the mild improvment from her B vitamins, I’m not any closer to getter any better. In fact, I’ve had more success from my own research.

I have a list of weird neurological symptoms and she wants me to exercise. What a bunch or garbage and a complete waste of money. I’m not going back to the naturopath. A naturopath’s job is discover the root cause of symptoms and her theory is more exercise. I’m not paying a doctor to tell me to exercise when there are obvious signs of a bigger problem.

Now that I feel better using Benfotamine, I’ll prove it’s not the B vitamins anymore. There is something else happening here.

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