Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 02, 2006

I came across some more interesting reading from doctor Jensen’s book today. Stupidly, I skipped the beginning of the book and starting reading at chatper one. As I was skimming through the book, I found this in the introdution:


“Doctor Rocine showed me that every chemical element in the earth has it’s own characteristics and has it’s own story to tell, and he taught me these stories. I began to understand how these chemical elements work in the body. I learned that silicon is the magnetic element in the body and that the nerve force does not work well in the body unless it has the proper amount of silicon. It was easier to see that the body needed B vitamins because of serious deficiency diseases like Beriberi. However,I found out that without the proper chemical elements, vitamin B doesn’t remain in the body. It needs silicon to work with.

PAGE 171

“The nerves and brain are electromagnetic in function, and require silicon. The outsides of the nerves use silicon called the “magnetic element,” to increase effective nerve conduction. We must have enough silicon for the brain and nerves to have that magnetism we need in our relationships with others”

Looks like I’ll be adding Silicon (Silica) to my daily vitamins…

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