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Entry for June 28, 2006

Variation in Mineral Content of Bottled Waters

Substantial variations in the concentrations of the three major minerals were observed in the bottled waters studied. Magnesium content ranges from to 126 mg per litre, sodium content ranges from 0 to 1,200 mg per litre, and calcium content ranges from 0 to 546 mg per liter. In general, waters bottled in North America had low mineral contents, while waters bottled in Europe had high mineral contents. For the North American bottled waters, the median concentration for magnesium was 2.5 mg per liter, for sodium it was 5 mg per liter, and for calcium it was 8 mg per liter, For the European bottled waters, the median concentration for magnesium was 23.5 mg per litre, for sodium it was 20 mg per litre, and for calcium it was 115 mg per litre.

When comparing the mineral contents of bottled water, it is important to know the variation of the mineral content from bottle to bottle. According to the technical director of the International Bottled Water Association, variation of mineral content is less than 5% (Arthur von Wiesenberger, personal communication) mainly due to different testing methods. We did not find any published studies that looked at the mineral content of tap water. However, from the limited information we were able to obtain, it appears that tap water in major North American cities contains relatively low levels of magnesium (<48 mg per liter), sodium (< 195 mg per litre), and calcium(<85 mg per litre).


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Entry for June 28, 2006

I’ve been taking my regular amount of B-Complex vitamins this week and besides some mild stomach cramps and diarrhea after taking my vitamins this morning I felt fine. 

Went down to Shoppers and bought some snack cereal I could eat throughout the day. I picked Kellogg’s Mini Wheats because they were high in Thiamine and 6 grams of fibre. Not the best choice I suppose, but I’ll try it to see if it has any effect.

By the late afternoon, I have that weird feeling like something is going to happen but never does. I splash my face with water a few times, I drink a little of Arthur’s Green Energy but there is no improvement.

I have my bottled water so I drink half a bottle (250 ml)  at a really fast pace and I feel better. I’m really starting to wonder about this magnesium deficiency. Almost every day for as long as I can remember, I’ve always needed a chocolate bar in the early afternoons but I’ve quit doing that for a week now. I read somewhere that people who are deficient in magnesium crave chocolate. Could it be that I was craving the magnesium in chocolate?

Magnesium is also in bottled water… and I’m not drinking as much because of the B vitamins. Down to shoppers for some magnesium.

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