Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 26, 2006


Walked into the Osteopathy clinic, filled out the standard introduction form detailing a brief medical history and waited. While I’m in the waiting area, I spot the Toronto Star talking about how Toronto Hydro will switch on the first phase of its new wireless broadband service.

After a short wait, I meet with the doctor and he asks me what brings me to the clinic. I give my usual story: Internal vibration, Plantar Fasciitis, Stomach bloating and how all of my testing has come up negative. I mention about the suspected EMF exposure, pears, vitamin C, tuna and talk about vitamin deficiencies and Beriberi. He makes a few notes as I go through the history and he comments that it is an interesting story but has never heard of Beriberi. He admits right away that I’ve done a tremendous amount of research and that he may not be able to solve my problems but explained that using Osteopathy, he may be able to find other things that are going on within the body.

He asks if I have ever been in a car accident, any sprained or broken bones and any surgery. I’ve had my appendix removed, a sprained finger on my left hand and surgery to remove a extra bone growth in my leg when I was about twelve.

He then starts by asking me to stand in the upright position and asks me to remove my shirt. He walks back and forth and then asks me to turn around. I assume he does the same thing again and he comments how my left shoulder is higher than it should be. He then asks me to lie down on the table and he twists my legs checking for the range of motion and flexability. He starts pressing around my abdomen and comments on how my left side is firmer than it should be and says he is pressing on my Sigmoid.

SAY WHAT??!!! The Sigmoid? That came up in my self-Iridology exam. I can’t believe it.

He continues by talking about Cranial osteopathy. He lightly touches around my head and keeps talking about a thing called the sacrum. It is the bone that joins your spine to your pelvis. After about five minutes, he comments on how my cranial has no movement and how it can cause other problems when movement is restricted with a possibility that there is a link to the sigmoid. He places his hand around the area of the tailbone and measures the pulse of something called the Cerebrospinal fluid from the brain to the bottom of the spine. Turns out that mine is weaker than it should be.

That was basically the appoinment. Very simple and non-instrusive. I google cranial osteopathy when I get home:

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy has many similarities with the oldest known method of healing, the laying on of hands. The osteopath combines healing intention with a knowledge of anatomy, using the hands to “listen” for restrictions or strains in the body. Although the name implies head manipulation, the techniques are used to treat the whole body. 

Why Call it Cranial

Partly for historical reasons. Dr Sutherland, who was the first teacher of cranial osteopathy, devised a system of correcting cranial bone restrictions using manipulation. He tested many of his early theories on his own head, keeping detailed records of the symptoms that came and went when he created, then removed, a variety of cranial bone restrictions. He experienced symptoms such as depression and severe head and jaw pain that were a direct cause of the restrictions he created.

What About the Rest of the Body

Although originally the focus was on the bones of the skull, it soon became obvious that other parts of the body were involved, in particular the sacrum. The sacrum is the bone that joins your spine to your pelvis. If the pelvis is twisted, tilted or unbalanced it will have an effect through the sacrum and its attachments all the way up the spine and into the base of the cranium.

However, bones are held in position by muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia. It is the interplay of all these forces that is important. The osteopath combines healing intention with a knowledge of anatomy, using the hands to “listen” for restrictions or strains within the body’s intrinsic movement patterns.

Wow! That was really amazing but will it solve my problems?

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