Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 23, 2006


Start the day with my regular B complex vitamins, acidophilus and vitamin C. I mention to my friend about Benfotiamine and he looks up vitamins in the Canada 411 directory. He finds a place that sells it and they are located at Church & Welsley. I can go there on my lunch so I call the store to see if they have any in stock and they do!

Guess how I’m spending my lunch hour?

I manage to find the store fairly easiliy and I mention that I was the one who called looking for Benfotiamine and I find it sitting on the shelf. It’s expensive but it could be worth every penny of the $42.00. The instructions say to eat it with food so I wait until I’m back in the office.

I start with two capsules and each capsule has 80 mg of Thiamine. I don’t bother taking my lunch time vitamins because I want to see if it makes a difference. A couple of days ago, it wasn’t even an option.

I make it through the day and I feel good. No side effects from not taking my normal vitamins and I take another two with my dinner. And now for the real test. Will it have any effect on the vibrations?

Nope, still vibrating…


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