Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 19, 2006

What to do when beriberi is suspected.

After you have carefully examined the patient and described the findings in all the systems, then you should give ‘flooding doses’ of thiamine (normal adult requirement is 0.4mg per 1000 kcal). Give 50 or 100 mg thiamine hydrochloride intravenously and then give 10 mg per day orally. Infants may be treated with adult doses (it is not toxic in very large quantities), or lesser doses if this is more convenient. Mothers of patients should always be given 10mg per day orally.

Dry Beriberi: (this is the form that has been experimentally induced in human volunteers). In dry beriberi there is a peripheral neuritis. It starts with parasthesia & pins and needles) of the feet, diminished touch sensation, and a feeling of ‘heat’ in the feet. Joint position, vibration and pain sensation are usually normal. The ankle and then the knee reflexes are lost and the patients have muscle weakness starting with the foot.

A vibration and muscle weakness starting with the foot. Those are the two first symptoms of Dry Beriberi. If my medical doctor actually listened to what I was saying, did a bit of research maybe this could’ve been solved a long time ago. He was only interested in following the gastric symptoms which I questioned all along. If he sent me to a specialist in the very beginning, would they have picked up on the fact that the vibration stopped when I ate pears and said “Ah, a nutritional deficiency”? Who knows…but it seems very logical to me but maybe that’s asking for too much. Doctor’s know very little about nutrition.

People say they don’t want two-tier health system in Canada. Well guess what? It already is.

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