Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 19, 2006

Experience from ten years work with electrosensitive patients.

ULRIKA ÅBERG, M.D., Spec. child & youth psychiatry, Skövde, Sweden.

During my work with amalgam and electrosensitive patients I have met around 1 200 patients and 300–400 of these patients have electrosensitivity as their main problem. Approximately 50% of my patients become stronger and feel better with injections of vitamin B12 – mercury disturbs the transport of vitamin B12 from the blood to the CNS liquor. Electrosensitive patients who are also sensitive to light, or have been, may have good use of PABA, Para-amino-benzoic-acid. During the last year I have understood the importance of hidden infections and hidden metals in the teeth and the jaws for the health in general for patients of these categories. That these infections are treated and these metals taken away may be necessary for these individuals to recover.

PABA? There’s one I should try for sensitivity to light. The increase in B2 has definitely helped my eyes. I was at the beach just this past weekend and there was a big difference.

Maybe the sunglasses industry is feeding of the fact that everyone has B2 deficiencies!


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