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The Need for B FOOD Complex
By Vic Shayne, PhD

Nutrient Requirements & the Modern Diet

The modern diet is severely lacking in many vitamins, minerals, essential fats, enzymes and other nutrients. Refined wheat flour (used in breads, cereals, pasta, etc.), rice, refined carbohydrate products, overcooked meats and seafoods and other processed and refined foods fail to supply most of the B vitamins required by the body for a wide array of tasks. Refined sugars, as found in “sweets,” or deserts and table sugars, for example, can deplete the body of B vitamins (as well as vital minerals).

Because most of the population consumes vitamin-deficient foods, along with an overabundance of refined sugar foods, vitamin B complex deficiency is commonplace, leading to a wide array of symptoms ranging from chronic exhaustion to attention deficit in children and difficulties handling stress.

The Power of Vitamin B

Vitamin B Complex features many health benefits, but the top three that people are most interested in includes:

• Giving you ENERGY
• Emotional Health (fighting depression, and anxiety)
• Stress relief

Essentially, the problem of vitamin B deficiency exists because:

1. There is an inadequate intake of vitamin B complex from dietary sources
2. The daily diet, due to its content of artificial ingredients, sugars and toxic constituents, depletes vitamin B complex that may exist within cells
3. Environmental toxins deplete vitamin B from the body
4. Mental/emotional stress depletes vitamin B from the body, and
5. Normal metabolism depletes vitamin B complex

Possible Symptoms of B Deficiency

The absence of vitamin B complex presents a wide array of possible symptoms, which is why many doctors over the years have told their patients they suffer from hypochondria, or that their health problems are “all in the head.” Yet, if we recognize all of the benefits of vitamin B complex, we readily understand how it is possible to suffer systemically in its deficiency.

Vitamin B complex supports

• energy
• nerve transmission
• heart health
• emotional and mental processes
• hormonal health
• bowel function
• muscle function
• thyroid and other glandular health
• digestive health
• and much, much more

One or More, Not Necessarily All, Symptoms May Exist WITHOUT adequate vitamin B complex intake:

• Depression • Weakness • Fatigue • Indigestion • Forgetfulness • Constipation or diarrhea stomach pains • Vague fears • Decreased or increased appetite • Irregular heartbeat, slow pulse or fast pulse

Muscular soreness • Achiness • Mood swings • Tingling and/or numbness in hands, feet, fingers • Loss of ability to concentrate • Loss of memory • Nervousness • Menstrual complaints (female)

Cold hands and feet • Craving for sweets • Difficulty swallowing • Heart Conditions • Hypochondria • Sleep disturbances
Anxiety • Inability to handle stress • Attention Deficit

The vitamin B complex is essential in support of the brain and the rest of the nervous system; nervous, mental and emotional function; energy production; digestion and elimination; blood sugar or carbohydrate metabolism; blood-building factors (red blood cells); the liver, heart, kidneys and other organs; the endocrine gland system; production and regulation of certain hormones; normal growth and development; maintenance of mucosal, epithelial and eye tissues; many enzyme systems; protein and lipid (fat) metabolism; and more.

Vitamin B pills fail where Vitamin B FOODS succeed

There is absolutely NO SUBSTITUTE for real, whole, raw FOODS in providing vitamin B complex. Vitamin pills are not a viable source, simply because such pills containing vitamins as isolates (vitamins by themselves) do not offer synergists that exist naturally within foods. Vitamin B complex, like any other vitamin, mineral or nutrient, NEVER exists by itself in nature. In order to be effective, without side effects, vitamin B complex must be present along with cofactors (helper nutrients). These cofactors are only to be found in whole foods, either in the daily diet or in whole food concentrates.

One in every twenty people were found to have at least a mild case of Beriberi. The data was gathered in a 2000 study by the National Institute of Health Mental division. Treatment is with thiamine hydrochloride, either in tablet form or injection. A rapid and dramatic recovery can be made when this is administered to patients with wet beriberi and their health can be transformed within an hour of administration of the treatment. Thiamine occurs naturally in fresh foods and cereals, particularly fresh meat, legumes, green vegetables, fruit, and milk.


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