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Entry for June 17, 2006


I’ve done quite a lot of research on the B vitamins lately and I don’t think the B complex vitamin that the naturopath gave me has the right dosage for me. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had really itchy eyes and I’ve discovered it’s because of my high dosage of B2.

The optimum intake of supplemental vitamin B2 is not known. 20-25 mg of vitamin B2 is usually included in most good multivitamins and this is usually adequate for more people. Riboflavin is best taken with B group vitamins and vitamin C. If taking a B2 supplement make sure that the B6 amount is nearly the same.

Pyridoxine (B6) should be taken together with the entire B group vitamins, and in supplementation the quantity of B6 should be nearly the same as B2, as the B2 is needed to activate the Pyridoxine.

So I check the dosage of B2 in the  B complex vitamin and it contains 25 mg but I take it twice a day. The amount of B6 is 250 mg for a total of 500 mg per day.

After the lab, I decide that I’ll drop into the health food store and take a look. I’m going to create my own version of B complex as I don’t need too much B2 and I need the pure Niacin form of B3.

Here is the old dosage for taking 2 B complex pills from the Naturopath:

B1: 100 mg (Thiamine)
B2: 50 mg (Riboflavin)
B3: 160 mg (Niacinamide)
B5: 100 mg (Pantothenic Acid)
B6: 500 mg (Pyridoxine)
B7: 160 mcg (Biotin)
B9: 0.2 mg (Folic Acid)
B12: 100 mcg (Cobalamin)


While I am in the store checking out the vitamins, they sell a vitamin/mineral chart listing the benefits, diet recommendations, daily dosage, toxic dosage, and risk groups. It’s very clean and easy to understand. I’m looking at the hi-potency B complex and it actually not that high so with the chart, I’ll create my own. Yesterday was the first day I took the B1 vitamins (200 mg) and after reading that folic acid (B9) is required for B2 to work, I’ll make sure I have some of that. 0.2 mg doesn’t seem to be enough although the RDA is 400-mcg. Folic acid is also required for B12.

As I’m reading the chart, I come across serveral other vitamins that are good for the brain and nervous system. So I pick up Panothenic acid (B5) and Biotin (B7). I keep reading and I notice that Chromium, a mineral suppliment that the naturopath gave me on my first visit is recommended for the brain and nervous system and I still have some of that at home. It mentions that the upper daily limit for vitamin E is 1000 mg and it’s also good for brain and nerve function. I have been taking 400 mg every other day so maybe I’ll start taking that every day.

Zinc, another mineral suppliment that the naturopath recommended for reducing my high silver is listed as helpful for brain function. I get home and take all of the vitamins. I write the dosage on top with a marker.

This is my version of Hi-Potent B Complex:

B1: 300 mg (Thiamine)
B2: 30 mg (Riboflavin)
B3: 200 mg (Niacin)
B5: 250 mg (Pantothenic Acid)
B6: 500 mg (Pyridoxine)
B7: 300 mcg (Biotin)
B9: 1000 mcg (Folic Acid)
B12: 1000 mcg (Cobalamin)

Chromium: 150 mg?
Vitamin E: 400 IU
Acidophilus: 2 capsules
Zinc: 50 mg

Let’s see if it will make a difference…

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Entry for June 17, 2006


Woke up early and my left arm had pins and needles. It had a totally weak feeling to the entire arm. Maybe I was sleeping on it. Nothing unusual I guess. Everybody gets pins and needles.Went to the lab for 8:00 AM.

I arrive at the lab and as I looked at the requistion form, I realize that I didn’t ask the doctor to check my triglycerides. I wanted to see if the pharmacutical doses of niacin had any effect to lower them. I had a pen with me so I figure I’ll just check it off. The only problem was that the doctor used blue ink and I only had black. Maybe the nurse won’t notice…

I take my number and sat down for a while. They call my number and I provide them with the form. Almost right away the nurse asks me if I checked the box for triglycerides. I admit that I did and I get scolded for doing so. “Only the doctor can select the boxes for testing. I explain that I didn’t want to go back to the doctor to have him select the extra box but I appologize.

It was a stupid thing for me to do but I figured because they were doing the test anyway…it would be no big deal. After going back to my seat, she calls me back up to the desk. This time I was worried that the test would be voided because of my tampering. Nope, she explains that a thiamine test is not covered by the Ontario Government and that it will cost me $50.00. Expensive, but it could be worth every penny.

So that’s why it’s not a routine test…

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