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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 13, 2006

Still bothered by what happened yesterday with the hydro lines, I look up the effects of electromagnetic frequencies on the brain. I come across an article that suggests that EMF exposure reduces the hormone Melatonin. Dr. Google?…

Electromagnetic radiation – A threat to our health

Electromagnetic radiation is the big issue he is involved in at the moment—radio waves from radio and TV towers, microwaves from cell phones, cell sites, mobile phones, cordless phones, and microwave ovens (the last being a minor problem compared with the others). The background radiation has been rising significantly by factors of thousands in the general population since the Second World War. Cancer is partly genetic, but largely environmental. Our food, the toxins in the environment like air pollutants, benzene, toxins in food like saccharine, are shown to be potential carcinogens, all those PCVs and other fairly toxic chemicals, can damage cells, but evidence is very strong that electromagnetic radiation damages cells in a way that is potentially cancer causing.

The official position of those who make their money out of producing and using this technology is that we all know that the only thing that electro magnetic radiation can do is heat and if it doesn’t heat it can’t have any effect.

However, a different view comes from science from reading the people who have researched what happens to cells in laboratories in repeatable experiments. For example, a laboratory took human breast cancer cells, and exposed them to an infusion of melatonin, which is a natural neurohormone which we all have, which helps us sleep at night. Then they applied a very low level of varying electric field, 50 cycles field, and the oncostatic effect of melatonin was totally eliminated.

Every night when we go to sleep our melatonin levels rise and melatonin goes through our blood and cleans our cells up. For example, it scavenges out free radicals which are highly damaging chemicals. If the free radicals persist for very long they damage DNA and cause damaged cells and are shown to be carcinogenic. Melatonin is one of those agents that cleans us up every night to reduce the possibility that cells will become carcinogenic.

That experiment shows that electromagnetic radiation from power lines and appliances can reduce the melatonin cleaning-up effect on human breast cancer cells. The experiment was repeated in three other laboratories. It gave a very reliable and repeatable result. The strength of the signal they used was two to twelve mill gauss – a very low level magnetic field magnitude in that wave.

The European standard for safety for ELF fields is “20,000 mill gauss is safe, whereas this experiment shows that 2 mill gauss causes a significant reduction in the cleansing effect of melatonin on cancer cells.

Common symptoms and signs of melatonin deficiency:

difficulty getting to sleep
difficulty falling back to sleep when awaken during the night
light sleeper/easy waking during the night
early morning awakening
un-refreshing sleep
lack of dreaming
family history of insomnia
personal or family history of breast cancer
personal or family history of prostate cancer
prostate enlargement
irregular menstrual cycle
unusual menstrual flow (light or heavy)
poor sleeping prior to menses
sensitivity to stress
neurodegerative disorder (MS, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, ALS, etc)
elevated cholesterol
high blood pressure
blood clots
heart attack
heart arrhythmias

I do some more reading and it’s available as a suppliment. I read some more about the symptoms of melatonin deficiency and I have a few of the symptoms I decide to get some. Couldn’t hurt to give it a try.

I’ve taken 900 mg of niacin for two days and I’m still vibrating when I wake up. I really thought that it would make a difference. Maybe I need to do it longer. Who knows…

Today I’ll go back to 400 mg of niacin a day and try the melatonin before I go to bed.

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