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Entry for June 11, 2006

Picked up the higher dose of Niacin and took 200 mg at breakfast, 200 mg at lunch and the 500 mg after dinner for 900 mg in total. About an hour after taking the 500 mg I started to get a flush and it lasted over an hour.

We’ll see if it makes a difference in the morning…


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Entry for June 11, 2006

I’ve been reviewing my health records over the past few days just to see if I can find anything that I may have missed the first time around. I’m looking at my last blood test back in March and I remember that my Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and RBC are slighty above normal. At the time I thought it was nothing to worry about but this time I decide to look into it further and find this:

High hemoglobin count

Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen from the lungs to body tissues. A high hemoglobin count usually suggests that you have too many red blood cells (erythrocytosis), which can impair circulation and lead to abnormal clotting.

High Hemoglobin can impair blood circulation? Isn’t that interesting… it’s my suspicion that my Plantar Fasciitis was caused by lack of circulation.

Red Blood Cell count (RBC)

The primary reason to assess the RBC is to check for anemia and to evaluate normal erythropoiesis (the production of red blood cells). The mature red blood cell (also known as an erythrocyte) carries oxygen attached to the iron in hemoglobin. The number of red blood cells is determined by age, sex, altitude, exercise, diet, pollution, drug use, tobacco/nicotine use, kidney function, etc. The clinical importance of the test is that it is a measure of the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.

The number of red blood cells is increased in:

Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency:

Respiratory distress
Living at a high altitude
Cystic fibrosis


Adrenal cortical hyperfunction
Polycythemia vera(often a hereditary problem)
Anabolic Metabolism

It doesn’t seem like I have any of the causes listed but I’ll look up Adrenal cortical hyperfunction.

Adrenal Cortical Hyperfunction
Hypersecretion of one or more adrenocortical hormones produces distinct clinical syndromes. Excessive production of androgens results in adrenal virilism; hypersecretion of glucocorticoids produces Cushing’s syndrome; and excess aldosterone output results in hyperaldosteronism (aldosteronism). These syndromes frequently have overlapping features. Adrenal hyperfunction may be compensatory, as in congenital adrenal hyperplasia, or may be due to acquired hyperplasia, adenomas, or adenocarcinomas.

So basically a hormone imbalance. This could be interesting.  I discover that Adrenal cortex overactivity can also cause high Hemoglobin. Guess I have to wait until my hormone test comes back from the Naturopath.

I reviewed the Niacin diagnosis back on April 29th and there is no way that it can’t be a Niacin Deficiency. I do another search on the treatment and two different web sites suggest 1000 mg of Niacin a day but they don’t say for how long. I still think I am not taking enough as I am still vibrating when I wake up. It doesn’t appear to happen at night. Maybe that’s because I take my vitamins later in the evening with my dinner.

I’ll pick up some higher dosage Niacin and try that for a while.

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Entry for June 10, 2006


We find the machine at the back of the store and my reading is 122/87  with a pulse of 88. That’s fantastic!! My wife did her reading and she is on the low side of normal.

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Entry for June 10, 2006

Third Chiropractor appointment and he does a number of different stretches and works on my neck with a swift crack on either side. As the works on my back he mentions that he can feel some improvement. He’s very quick and afterwards he says that he did a number of different things that will affect the sympathetic nerves and wants me to monitor any changes to the vibration. He wants the next appointment in two weeks instead of one.

My wife mentions to him that she gets a headache after the last two appointments. He finds this very weird as he’s only done some simple stretching. He said it’s possiblibly high blood pressure so on the way home we stop at Shopper’s Drug Mart.

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Entry for June 09, 2006


More people consult Google over health
By Nigel Hawkes, Health Editor

GOOGLE, the internet search engine, has now become one of the patient’s best friends, second only to the family doctor. A survey of 1,000 people found that 12 per cent turn first to Google. Fewer consult family and friends, the media or medical encyclopaedias when faced with a medical problem.

The internet is consulted by 21 per cent as the first port of call. Some use search engines other than Google and some log on directly to other websites.

Although more — 52 per cent — would see a GP first, the survey shows how important the internet is in informing patients. Friends and family, a traditional source of guidance, were cited by 10 per cent.

Most Googlers believe that the information they find is accurate. While 94 per cent trust their GP, nearly as many (86 per cent) believe that what they find from a Google search is accurate.

The survey was carried out by ICM Healthcare for Core-Create, a design company that specialises in visual communications for healthcare clients.

Although the Department of Health has tried to create a new breed of “expert patients”, 60 per cent of GPs said that self-diagnosis wasted their time — either by slowing down consultations or because patients convince themselves that they have a condition that they do not have.

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