Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for June 08, 2006

It’s been one year since my complete physical with my family doctor. How do I feel? I feel a little better, I’ve discovered that my gastro symptoms were from an alkaline stomach and I have a hunch that my “weird” symptoms and my internal vibration are from a niacin deficiency. A diagnosis from a doctor? Hardly.

I still have my internal vibration but it is improved and it’s very mild but it still exists. Is it because it’s not a niacin deficiency or is it because the dosage is not enough? I’ve read that 300 mg -500 mg is used and I’ve also read up to 1500 mg can be used. Why did the naturopath only recommend 300 mg? I’ve been taking 400 mg for the past few days and I’m not getting any flush so I still think that my dosage is too low and that’s why there is no improvement.

By late morning, just before lunch I start getting a mild headache but it bothers me enough that I take an Advil. I feel better within 30 minutes and then from out of nowhere, a mild chest pinch with a weird small sensation and I notice that my feet and hands are cold. I go to the washroom, splash my face with water and it seems to have passed. I thought I was getting better, not worse?

With these new things happening maybe it’s time to see that Osteopath. I call and make an appointment for June 26th.

One the way home I have some time at Union so I have an ounce of Wheatgrass.


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