Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 31, 2006


I took an earlier train this morning and I decided to walk around Union Station to kill some time before my next train. I remember there is a place that may have smoothies so I figure that would be a great way to start the day. As I’m looking at the menu board I notice a sign on the counter that says “Wheatgrass” and it lists the nutritional benefits:

  • One ounce of wheatgrass is equivalent to 2.5 lbs of leafy green vegetables.
  • Contains high levels of vitamin A,C, B and E.
  • Contains 17 forms of Amino Acids.
  • Helps prevent tooth decay and can improve digestion.
  • Contains chlorophyll, a very potent antioxidant that will purify the blood, cleanse your tissues and cells and rid your body of harmful toxins.
  • One ounce will give your body the cancer-fighting enzymes that are lacking in today’s average diet.

WOW! How can I say no to this!!?? I’ve never heard of wheatgrass before…and no doctor has ever mentioned this. I always thought that the grass growing around the store was some kind of decoration. Nope, that’s wheatgrass and they grow it inside of the store.

I ask the women behind the counter about it because it’s not listed on their menu. One ounce for $2.50. What a great investment. I purchase one ounce and gulp it down and it actually tastes like grass. Who cares what it tastes like…the benefits are incredible. Especially for a guy who doesn’t eat a lot of green veggies.


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