Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 19, 2006

Grilled On Safety

The temperatures are rising and you may be preparing to pull the barbecue out of the garage for another grilling season, but there’s a potential hazard for those who like their flame-broiled steaks and burgers on the well-done side.

There is an established link between eating meat and prostate cancer and a recent study released by the American Association for Cancer Research has found that charred meat contains carcinogenic compounds that encourage the growth of prostate cancer in rats.

The dangerous compound called PhIP is formed when meat is cooked at high temperatures.

“We stumbled across a new potential interaction between ingestion of cooked meat in the diet and cancer in the rat,” researcher Dr. Angelo De Marzo said in a statement.

“For humans, the biggest problem is that it’s extremely difficult to tell how much PhIP you’ve ingested, since different amounts are formed depending on cooking conditions.”

Researchers added PhIP to the rats’ food for eight weeks and then studied their intestines, prostates and spleens. Alarmingly, the scientists found genetic changes in all of the organs after four weeks.


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