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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 18, 2006

The other day I was in the lunch room and someone asked me about taking acupuncture for allergies. I mentioned how in addition to the acupuncture, I was taking a chinese herb that really seemed to help. Another co-worker added that he had also tried acupuncture for his allergies and the more we talked, I found him to be very knowledgeable about general health issues. At the end of our brief discussion, he mentions that he has something that he wrote and would like me to read it. Sure! Send it to me.

Below is the text:

Allergies and Insomnia: Gastro-intestinal Complications

As a teenager, it never dawned on me that Mother Nature had bestowed upon me a carbon-oxygen engine that came with a 30-year warranty. Consequently, I ate, drank, played and slept irregular hours, without regard to the potential deterioration of that prized commodity we all need in this material world: the body.

Had I known what I know now, I would have been prudent enough to at least award this vehicle I call “my body” a proper preventive maintenance program. Had that been done, this article probably would never have been.

This dissertation has a three-fold purpose: First, to alert its readers on the importance of adopting a good preventive maintenance program for your body at an early age in the same way that you would do for a new car purchase, and secondly, to provide my personal “basics of nutrition” acquired purely through first-hand experience, and, thirdly, a rather selfish purpose: to locate amongst the readers some of you who may have been through this road, and may be able to provide me with some basic tips on what could assist me in combatting the health problems I am now encountering, now that I find myself at the threshold of middle-age.

Hell Breaks Loose
Up to mid-June 1995, I had been an athletic, healthy male who had never had any major health issues.

Although I have never in my life abused my body through the use of medical or “recreational” drugs, I have done my share of social drinking and exhausting my body through occasional sleepless nights during my university years when my financial situation required that I also maintain part-time employment.

So one day, in mid-June 1995, already in my mid-twenties, I began my roller-coaster ride when I was introduced to seasonal allergies and insomnia.

I vaguely recall that at the time I was employed full-time, doing rotational shifts that at times required overnight work. On top of that, I was completing a study program that consumed thirty weekly hours of my time. Occasionally I also attended the odd martial arts evening lesson, and even managed to fit it in the odd soccer skirmish with my acquaintances. Sounds like too much mileage for a vehicle approaching the end of its warranty? Well, it was.

Only years later, after suffering through sleepless nights, constant sneezing, blocked sinuses, short-breath, itchy palate, red-eyes and blotchy skin, it slowly began to dawn upon me that my immune system had deteriorated.

Flawed Medical System
When my woes began, I figured: “No problem. I’ll go see my family doctor, and I’ll be back in shape in no time”.

The doctor asked the usual questions, and given that I had no prior issue with seasonal allergies, he recommended anti-biotics. Anyone wants to know how effective these were to combat my seasonal allergies? Has anyone heard of combatting a disease through trial and error?

Two months later I decided to get a second opinion from a different doctor. I was fortunate to meet a physician with sufficient humility who was kind enough to answer my questions with candor: she pointed out that the medical field knows very little about the cause and prevention of seasonal allergies. Although they can diagnose allergies fairly accurately, they can only treat the manifestations with temporary relief, but there is no known method of getting rid of them once they attack the system. Cheerful note! I recall leaving the doctor’s office dragging my feet, with my shoulders drooped, and with a sour and itchy taste in my mouth.

Confronting my nemesis
I have always been of the opinion that everything has an answer and a proper explanation. Although the answer or explanation may not be available at our finger tips, the answer nevertheless exists. For instance, as an analogy, picture a South American native in the heart of the Amazon jungle who has never seen civilized society. He sees a commercial airliner fly over him. Although he may never in his lifetime understand this phenomenon, assuming of course that our current civilization will never make contact with him, the fact remains that there is a scientific explanation to the commercial airliner flying over his head. Theoretically, if he did his research, and if he did it right, he would be able to understand this mystery. The same concept applies to many current mysteries in the health field: cancer, leukemia, allergies and the never-ending list of incurable illnesses. So began my quest to find a solution to my woes.

Conventional medicine
I have never advocated drugs. In my life I have never taken an advil pill. When I first sought treatment at my local pharmacist, they flooded me with the suggestions that ranged from anti-histamines to mild drugs with “minimal” adverse effects, the worst of which prohibited me from driving due to the drowsiness that would be brought about.

So I ruled out Claritin, Allegra, and the wide range of conventional allergy treatments found at the local pharmacy. Back to the drawing boards: my doctor recommended I see a specialist.

After a diagnosis which included being pricked with a needle imbued with different allergic substances, I got even more disappointing news: I was allergic to almost anything in the book – cats, dogs, dust, molds, mites, grass, trees, pollen, chemicals, unnamed fruits and vegetables.

“Solution?”, I asked from this “allergist”. “Well”, he added, “we can certainly prepare you a cocktail tailored-made to address your condition. You will get weekly shots, and in 4-6 months you will see some results. With some luck, your allergic reactions will be reduced to a large extent. Additionally, you must adhere to a very strict diet”.

For the sake of restoring my health I followed the advice of this allergist to the letter, but guess what? At the end of six months I was no better off than when I had started, so I cannot say anything positive for allergy shots to address an allergic condition.

Back to the drawing boards. I re-visited my long-time family doctor, who empathized with my condition and suggested I try a more unconventional approach by treating the root-cause of the problem. Although no one knew the root-cause of the problem, it was commonly accepted that a proper functioning immune system would not over-react at the presence of these substances that were presently causing a reaction that was completely uncalled-for.

“What have I got to lose?”, I said. Nothing. “What have I got to gain?”: My health! Is it worth taking the risk? Of course!!

On the path to recovery
At the end of three years of suffering with seasonal allergies, and what I erroneously perceived to be allergy-caused insomnia, I was to finally discover the solution to what would be an improvement in my condition.

While vacationing in Mexico, I decided to get a medical opinion that was not OHIP-oriented, given that frankly, OHIP had done little in helping to effectively combat my condition.

The Mexican physician concurred with my family doctor: the solution to a permanent erasure of seasonal allergies lies with a normalization of the immune system. To accomplish this, the doctor recommended a vitamin and mineral regimen complemented with a specialized diet that would have to be strictly adhered to for at least six months, perhaps even longer. He stressed that considering I had subjected my body to almost three decades of neglected care, six months or even a year was not an unreasonable expectation. He had a point. And he was right.

The program
The path to normalizing the immune system was simple but effective: a daily intake of organic vitamins, minerals and supplements, coupled with a healthy diet that excluded foods that are really toxic to the system such as alcohol, caffeine, nicotine, highly processed foods that are laden with chemicals (pesticides, preservatives, artificial coloring, flavors, etc.).

For the benefit of the readers, I attach the exact details of the program here:

After breakfast vitamins:
• 2 B Complex tablets

• E (800 iu)

• A & D (10,000 iu A, 400 of D)

A blended protein drink consisting of:
• ½ a glass of soy milk

• 2 fresh strawberries

• ½ a glass of fresh cranberry juice

• 1 banana

• ½ a teaspoon of sugar

• 2 table spoon of lecithin

• 3 egg whites

“Other-time” vitamins:
• 2000 mg of vitamin C

• 400 mg of B1

• Chelated multi-minerals (1 after lunch, 2 after dinner)

Additionally, it was recommended I delete alcohol, coffee and smoking from my diet. A high intake of fresh fruits and vegetables, not overcooked was recommended.

Within months of being on this regimen I began to see improvements. However, I could not say that I had been cured. My doctors assured me that in due time I would experience complete recovery. Despite that, two years later, I still was troubled by seasonal allergies to a lesser extent, and to my sour bitterness, I had not experienced an improvement in my sleep, although I was not experiencing the same discomforts as a result of the seasonal allergies. I went to a sleep clinic where I was told that although there were some mild respiratory disturbances in my body, I could not be clinically diagnosed with what was known as “sleep apnea”, another ailment for which there was no known cure, and for which there was no known cause. However, although it could not be discounted that I was suffering from sleep apnea, it could be safely concluded that there was an additional problem compounding the seasonal allergies.

A new program
Convinced that the solution to my troubles would not be found within conventional medicine, I began exploring alternative medicine.

A homeopathic clinic suggested I speed up normalization of my immune system by taking a catalyst commonly known as “cat’s claw”, a root originating in South America. I added that to my cart.

A friend of mine assured me that the most effective medicine he had found was an expensive, aloe-vera based product known as Molocure. I added that to my cart.

Another acquaintance of mine suggested a non-drug based treatment used in Scientology circles. He suggested that Scientology had a program to detoxify the body from toxic substances which had accumulated slowly through the years. This program is known as The Purification Rundown. I added that to my cart. Additionally, it was suggested I receive what was known as the The Asthma/Allergy Rundown. I added that to my cart.

Today, eight years later, I must share with some satisfaction that although none of the above completely rid me of my physical troubles, considerable improvement was made to such an extent that I can truthfully state that my allergies have been reduced by at least eighty percent. Although I cannot rule out the effectiveness of cat’s claw and molo-cure, I attribute this primarily to the vitamin and mineral regimen, and to the Scientology-based treatments.

There is one treatment I have excluded deliberately from the list above as I wish to give it special focus: Health Kinesiology, an allergy-elimination treatment founded by Dr. Jimmy Scott.

Health Kinesiology
One day, while skimming through books at a used book-store in downtown Toronto, I saw a brochure on the wall promoting an allergy-elimination treatment administered by naturotherapist, Marie Herrell, a student of Dr. Jimmy Scott.

Given the wide exposure I had had to allergy treatments, I must confess that it is with some skepticism that I approached Marie Herrell’s office.

I have never believed that tapping the body will bring about recovery from one’s allergies. I could not possibly see the connection, but upon receiving one session from Marie Herrell, I noticed considerable improvement in my sleep – although what she intended to address was my allergy problem. Subsequent sessions from Marie Herrell spurred my interest to meet the founder and get a few health tips for my condition.

Gradually I acquired some education and gained a better understanding of Dr. Jimmy Scott’s health breakthroughs.

Understanding my condition
The following is my own interpretation of Dr. Jimmy Scott’s findings. I do not profess to be a medical expert, and therefore, the following paragraphs should not be construed as medical advice, but are given here purely as my own conclusions based on health visits to Dr. Jimmy Scott.

The human body has a sensitivity and an intolerance to certain types of food. This varies from person to person. In other words, what may be harmful to one person, may be harmless to another. In my case, Dr. Jimmy Scott concluded that I needed to delete corn from my diet. Additionally, he concluded that I had to reduce my intake of starch. This actually coincided with some advice I had obtained from my family doctor years earlier; advice which had not been sufficiently stressed and therefore I had overlooked. My family doctor had commented casually that, according to a certain author, there was a proper diet for every blood type. Ancestrally, she added, “O positives” align with the diet of primitive man. Therefore, I should stick to fruits, vegetables and meat. I should definitely try to avoid farming products, especially grain products which were the proper diet of a different blood type altogether. Given the far-fetched explanation underlying this theory, I did not pay much attention to her advice and continued my starch-laden diet.

Starch is bad for me
A couple of years later I was to discover more supporting evidence that would further reveal that a starch-based diet is pure poison for my system.

Several months ago, a close friend of mine suggested I try acupuncture as a form of alternative medicine to address my ailments. Many years ago I had had a few acupuncture sessions without any noticeable improvements. However, this acquaintance was a reliable source, and she swore that this acupuncturist had successfully treated insomnia and allergies with her alternative approach.

By this time, I had a better inkling of Dr. Jimmy Scott’s revolutionary discoveries which encompassed the meridian energy system, a component of medicine that had been pioneered by the Chinese for the past two-thousand years.

So I visited Professor Chen, an experienced and elderly lady with many years of experience in her field. Although I cannot attribute an overnight recovery to my insomnia as a result of Professor Chen’s acupuncture, I credit her advice on my diet to improve my sleeping condition tremendously.

Professor Chen did a diagnosis of my condition by tapping certain areas of my body, looking at my tongue, cranial skin coloring, and God knows what other silent observations!

Professor Chen’s conclusions
From her non-invasive observations, Professor Chen concluded that I had a myriad of internal organ problems: weak kidney and spleen, lung complications possibly compounded or affected by a weak and malfunctioning digestive system.

Again, this coincided with a conclusion made by Dr. Jimmy Scott: my insomnia stemmed not from allergic reactions but from internal organ infection! Wow! Now I felt I was getting somewhere.

Professor Chen’s recommendation? I needed to delete carbohydrates from my diet and move towards a more fruit-and-vegetable-based diet. She added that I should also reduce my intake of rice, a carbohydrate high in cholesterol. She stressed that unless I changed my lifestyle to one filled with lots of physical activity, I should stay off carbohydrates as much as possible. Additionally, given the sensitive and weak nature of my digestive system, Professor Chen suggested I eat a frugal dinner, and she advised that I never go to bed after midnight. She stressed that a weak liver and digestive system needs plenty of rest and light work, therefore, I should not over-eat, and dinner, at the latest should be around 8 p.m. Bedtime: midnight at the latest.

Within days of following professor Chen’s advice I began to sleep better. In order to speed up my recovery, she prescribed a wide array of Chinese supplements, names of which I will not try to spell or pronounce until my Chinese improves!

Shiatsu therapy
While undergoing acupuncture treatment, someone suggested I speed up my recovery by receiving shiatsu massage, another oriental treatment that incorporates the Chinese meridian system, yet relies on finger acu-pressure as opposed to the traditional needles used in acupuncture.

While I cannot state that there have been noticeable improvement from the two shiatsu sessions I have received, I must share that I am very impressed with the practitioner’s conclusions on my condition by simply tapping certain areas of my body. Based on these observations the shiatsu practitioner concluded that a weak intestinal tract accounted for constipation problems; something I was combatting with Metamucil but which I had not shared with any of my practitioners. Additionally, the shiatsu doctor conducted an assessment to determine what foods were recommendable for my system. The conclusions were essentially the same, with some surprising exceptions: no carbohydrates, with minimum intake of rice, however, omission of certain fruits which, for my particular case, included oranges, bananas and tomatoes. In the meat department, I was to abstain from pork and, again, surprisingly, shrimps and most type of fish – something that had been overlooked in the past, as most OHIP doctors had recommended sea food as uniformly healthy for everyone.

Leah Findlay: a self-made health professional
Several months after meeting Dr. Jimmy Scott, I met online Leah Findlay, a self-made health professional, who had been harassed by health problems in her youth, leading her to a voyage of self-healing which turned her into a very effective health practitioner, to which I can vouch.

Although I have never met Leah in person, the telephone interview that she conducted inquired on the look of my skin, my iris, my tongue, and a myriad of questions about general health which demonstrated that Leah was well-versed in many disciplines of the health field. Indeed, as I was to discover later, Leah is a very eclectic health professional knowledgeable in iridology, nutrition, reflexology and Chinese medicine.

Her findings pretty much aligned with all the previous non-OHIP health professionals (God bless them!), with the additional details that I HAD WORMS IN MY BOWELS! Wow, was this ever a blow to my ego! Leah pointed out that according to her observations, I was quite malnourished despite my attention to my diet and the expensive vitamin/mineral regimen I was on. She stated that given the presence of these parasites in my bowel, it was very likely that all nutrients were being absorved by these organisms, and the surplus was likely being poorly absorbed by a weak digestive system that was far from an optimum condition.

Her plan of action was quite simple: before I should even think of nourishing myself I needed to do a thorough cleanup which included not just ridding myself of the parasites, but I also needed to eliminate other toxic wastes that were likely stored in the bowels. Once the cleansing was complete, the next step would be to rebuild the poorly functioning organs that were in too bad shape to start absorbing nutrients. The third and final step would be the long-haul which would include a vitamin/mineral, enzymes and other supplements to rebuild the system completely.

I cannot say how accurate Leah was. Within three months of being on her cleansing program I expelled daily rice-like micro-organisms, and the most spectacular of all was a 3-inch worm that frightened even my OHIP doctor when he took a good look at it!

Once the cleansing was complete, Leah made me replace the Metamucil with a psyllium-based herbal mixture that I have not been able to find in any local health-food store. At this time she also included acidophilus in order to re-balance the stomach flora, and the rest is history.

If any of the readers wish to take a chance and try Leah’s magic, she can be reached at 1(877)868-8883.

To my disappointment, I have made some conclusions of Western medicine which I am sure are not news to many experts in the health industry. The medical industry, unfortunately, is not geared towards effectively combatting the root cause of disease. The primary focus of Western medicine is not the prevention of disease nor the treatment of the root cause of the problem to bring about long-term health. The primary focus of the medical industry is to alleviate – not eradicate – the symptoms of the problem. This modus operandi aligns closely with its primary motivation: Profit.

Bluntly stated, the medical establishment overtly and covertly suppresses time-honored effective traditional treatments that are unconventional for the simple reason that it would be uneconomical to their monopoly. The fact that our health care system will cover assistance to deal with the symptoms of deteriorated health conditions but will not cover a preventive maintenance program is an indication that there is more emphasis in treating the condition rather than preventing it. And as common sense will tell, it is preferable to deal with the factors that will prevent an unwanted condition rather than having to deal with the consequences of the unwanted condition.

Ideally, insurance coverage and OHIP –based treatments should include an annual package to cover vitamins, minerals, supplements, routine and periodic preventive maintenance programs to keep the body operating at its maximum potential, to combat disease BEFORE it manifests itself.

Of course, the medical industry will say that would be utopia. What would become of the multi-billion drug industry that currently helps patients live with their day-to-day conditions? What about the lucrative psychiatric drug industry that possibly relies on physical ailments to destroy the morale and mental stability of human beings?

These words have not been written to ramble ad infinitum on the frailties of our medical system, but rather to share some information that may be of some use to those experiencing a similar condition. To them, my empathy and my sincere desire that they find a solution to their plight. My help is yours, your help is accepted.


Alfonso Carcamo

What an incredible story. Somewhat similar journey to mine and reaching the same conclusions.

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