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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 16, 2006



I decide to place the pictures side by side to view a weekly progress comparison. Fourth treatment shows noticeable improvement and six shows a relapse then mild progress through to today.

Lately I’ve noticed a muscle weakness and it’s been slowly getting worse. I notice it the most when I am holding my daughter. She only weighs about 15 lbs but I can’t hold her any longer than a couple of minutes before my arms get tired and sore. Muscle aches are a symptom of a Niacin deficiency so I’ll have to wait and see if it gets any better.

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Entry for May 16, 2006


Tenth acupuncture appointment and it’s time to review. I’m not entirely convinced that the actual acupuncture made a difference to my condition but I do think that the best thing that happened was the doctor’s ability to step back when things weren’t working. That was the turning point for me. It wasn’t what the doctor was doing, it was the ability to review the symptoms once again and reassess the direction of treatment. None of my other doctors did this.

I would’ve thought that with all of the testing done by my regular doctor, he had ample opportunity to step back and reassess and didn’t. His attitude was that he was finding nothing in his testing so there must be nothing wrong.

She does the regular needles in my back and starts the cupping. There is improvement but there are still signs of poor circulation. After 15 minutes she places the needles in and around my stomach, legs and hands.

She recommends that we take a two week break and watch to see if there is any changes with my symptoms. She also recommended that I see a Osteopath.

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Entry for May 15, 2006

Four straight days now without using any inserts in my shoes and no pain. I’m convinced that the Niacin has increased my blood circulation to my feet. So out of curiosity, I ask Dr. Google and I come across this:

The term plantar fasciitis is derived from plantar which refers to the bottom of the foot and fascia which is a type of dense fibrous connective tissue. The “itis” is a suffix which means inflammation. Latest studies show that in many cases of plantar fasciitis there really is no inflamation, but rather an avascularity (loss of blood circulation).

The signs were there but no one but them all together. The internal vibration has gone for the most part. Sometimes I notice it and other times it’s very weak. I think I need more than 200 mg but I won’t increase it until I see the doctor on June 3rd.

Niacin should be started at low doses and increased slowly over several weeks. To avoid stomach upset, niacin should be taken with meals.

I’ve been eating six cans of tuna a week because of the natural niacin. As I’m reading the paper this morning I come across an article about the high levels of mercury in tuna . Oh great…

SAN FRANCISCO – A state judge ruled that California cannot require the nation’s three largest tuna companies to place mercury warning labels on their cans.

State Attorney General Bill Lockyer sued the tuna canners two years ago to enforce Proposition 65, a 1986 state law requiring consumer warnings about reproductive toxins such as mercury, which has been linked to developmental problems in children.

With some studies showing that tuna contains potentially unsafe levels of mercury, health advocates complain that tuna companies and government agencies haven’t done enough to warn consumers about the risks.

The judge also found that the mercury levels in the companies’ tuna were not high enough to require labels. In addition, he ruled that virtually all the mercury in canned tuna was naturally occurring, exempting them from the warning

“The decision, we believe, is wrong on the law, wrong on the science and bad for consumers,” Dresslar said. “When the consumers of California go into a grocery store, they have a right to be informed about the mercury that is present in canned tuna.”
said spokesman Tom Dresslar.

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