Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 13, 2006


This is what the Niacin flush looks like. It feels like a suntan and there is a itching/burning sensation all over my body. A quick Google search:

Niacin has the property of causing the small blood vessels to increase in size.   These are the capillaries.  Now, capillaries are often so small that the blood cells pass through them in single file.  It is the capillaries that take care of the vast majority of all the cells in the body.  You have large arteries near the heart, and they get smaller and smaller as they extend from the heart.  But, at the end of every well-sized artery is a very large network of capillaries.

There are many miles of the small capillaries in your body — a vast network which gets within a small fraction of an inch of EVERY cell in the body.  It is the capillaries which nourish the cells and which carry away the toxins.

Add into this equation the fact that most of the toxins in the body are stored in fat cells.  These fat cells can hold on to toxins for years, never letting it go until some “event” (like sweating or exercise).  Then, the fat cells give up their toxins and they start leaking out into the surrounding tissues.  You can have a slow-leak batch of fat cells that are poisoning you constantly.  Much of the disease that plagues mankind certainly comes from the constant slow leak of toxins from these fat cells.

These fat cells, like the millions of others, are all within a fraction of an inch of some capillary, but IF that capillary is clogged (as most often they are), and if the blood cells move through them only one cell at a time (single file), then you can see that there is not much chance for those toxins to be cleaned up by the flow of blood.

If you could find something that would increase the size of these capillaries, and not cause any harmful or adverse reaction, you can see how beneficial this would be. In fact, niacin does this — it causes these miles of tiny capillaries to increase in size. It is the INCREASE in size, partly, which causes your skin to get red.

While there are miles of these capillaries all through your body, it is near the surface of your body where the arteries are NOT!  So, as all the large surface of your body, your skin, is nourished by these small capillaries, and as the capillaries get larger, you can naturally see how the skin would show that increase in blood by getting red!

By the end of the day I’ve returned back to my regular vitamin C intake with the acidophilus. I’m not convinced that I don’t need it but I’ll keep with my regular routine until I feel completely healed. I’m happy with the one day success but I don’t want to push it further.


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