Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 09, 2006


Acupuncture appointment number nine. I tell her about the naturopath and the low dose of Niacin and she says to keep eating the foods with natural Niacin. I tell her that I’ve been eating turkey and tuna all week and she’s quite happy to hear that. She takes my blood pressure and it’s 127/95. It’s the lowest reading of the systolic pressure so far.

Today she works on my allergies and starts with the regular needles in my back and the cupping. In the middle of the cupping she comments on how the brusing is noticeably better.

I flip over and she starts on the stomach. I ask her to touch my feet and she notices they aren’t cold and clammy like they usually are. With all of these small successes, the Niacin is working wonders.

As I am leaving, she gives me another chinese herb called “Bimingan Wan” for my allergies.

Extensive testing looking for all kinds of disease and it appears to be a simple vitamin deficiency.


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Entry for May 08, 2006

There is definately a difference taking the higher dose. My body doesn’t have the strong morning vibration anymore and in fact, there is hardly any vibration at all.

After going to work, I feel really good all day and it feels like I have a bit more energy.  Some people have noticed the flushing in my face and make a comment. Must be working!

After reading a number of different articles, I’ve going to start my personal embargo on microwave food. The microwave has become such a part of our society now that it’s hard to avoid but I’ll give it a try and see how it goes.

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