Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 07, 2006

Second day taking the higher dose of Niacin and I am taking it first thing in the morning. I’ve started to notice that the past two mornings, I’ve wake up with a stronger vibration than normal. Usually I wake up and it’s there but this morning is definately different.

Today I decide to increase the dose to 200 mg per day. I’ll take one in the morning and one at night.

Reading Kevin Trudeau again and now he’s talking about how bad microwave food is. A quick google search and I come across the following article:


When I first began seeing clients for sessions of kinesiology, I did not worry too much about telling them to give up eating microwaved food. However, I kept a record of all of the corrections that were needed for each client when they came in. Now, once a correction is made, it is to be hoped that the correction will stay in place for a long time to come, hopefully months if not years. People often ask me “How long will it last?” May answer to them is “That depends on your lifestyle”.

Most of my clients came back to see me after about two weeks. In the early days I found that many who came back were not much better. I found that they were again `out of balance’. That is, their electrical circuits were not working correctly (which is common for many people). It was therefore not surprising that they were not much better, because the body does not begin to fully fix itself until the electrical circuits are in balance.

The question was, why did their electrical circuits go out of balance? The answer had to be something that was highly stressful, to effect the body in such a short space of time. Once that answer was remedied, the client would begin to get better. Using muscle testing, I went through the process of testing if the cause was electrical, chemical/nutritional, emotional or structural. Again and again the same answer would come up – electrical. When I then went through a range of possible electrical causes, the same answer again came up again and again – the person had eaten microwaved food! Incidentally, this answer never came up when a person had NOT eaten microwaved food.

I began to tell all of my clients on the first visit that under NO circumstances were they ever to do microwaved cooking again. I gave this a higher priority than any of things that are normally considered as health risks, such as cigarettes or alcohol. Immediately I began to get a marked improvement in the results I was getting. Long term problems such as headaches, back aches and emotional instability went away within a few weeks.

Other kinesiologists can confirm these results. David Bridgman, who has years of experience as a kinesiologist, said “Of all the people I test for allergies, 99.9% so far show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food”.

No one has ever been able to figure out my allergies. When I had an allergy test the doctor told me that I was most allergic to cats. Weird since I didn’t own one and wasn’t around any.

They started around 1991 and although my parents were the last people on the planet to get a microwave, it’s possible it was around the same time. Maybe starting tomorrow, I’ll do a test for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. How weird would that be if it worked? No more microwaved food for me!

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