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Entry for May 05, 2006

Doing some more reasearch with gastrointestinal symptoms and maldigestion and I come across a very interesting article by Dr. Joseph A. Debé (Chiropractor & Board Certified Nutritionist)

Another common cause of gastrointestinal symptoms is maldigestion. The digestive process actually begins with our mental state before we eat. If we are relaxed and looking forward to an enjoyable meal, there is a very different effect on our physiology than if we are stressed out and have to eat in a rush. The body does not digest food well when under stress. Stress causes an activation of the sympathetic nervous system, which is responsible for the “fight or flight reaction”.

When the sympathetic nervous system is activated, digestive secretions slow, blood flow is diverted away from the gastrointestinal organs, and the speed at which food moves through the system is altered. (The speed at which food moves through the system can be investigated by eating corn, recording the date and time, and then looking at each subsequent bowel movement and recording the date and time when the corn first appears. A “transit time” of less than 20 or more than 30 hours is abnormal and is associated with maldigestion and malabsorption.

The individual consuming the food does not benefit from its nutrients but toxic organisms, that get to feed upon it, do!) Many relaxation techniques are effective in reducing stress. Techniques developed by a non-profit organization called “The Institute of Heart Math” have been proven to normalize sympathetic nervous system activity, boost immune system function, and balance stress hormones.

Chiropractic also influences sympathetic nervous system activity, and I have seen first-hand the benefits for gastrointestinal symptoms. To aid relaxation at mealtime, before you start to eat, take a deep breath and exhale. Avoid stressful environments and conversation when you eat. Pay attention to your food – don’t watch television or read while eating.

Even if this Niacin treatment works, I think I’ll still visit a Chiropractor. Why not?

Started taking 100 mg of Niacin a day.


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