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Entry for May 04, 2006

What next? The treatment.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Niacin deficiency must be distinguished from other causes of stomatitis, glossitis, diarrhea, and dementia. Diagnosis is easy when the clinical findings include skin and mouth lesions, diarrhea, delirium, and dementia. More often, the condition is less fully developed, and a history of a diet lacking niacin and tryptophan is significant.

Multiple deficiencies of B vitamins and protein often occur together; therefore, a balanced diet is needed. Supplemental niacinamide 300 to 1000 mg/day should be given orally in divided doses. In most cases, 300 to 500 mg is sufficient. Niacinamide is generally used to treat deficiency states, because niacin can cause flushing, itching, burning, or tingling sensations, whereas niacinamide does not; however, niacinamide does not possess hypolipidemic or vasodilating properties as does niacin. When oral therapy is precluded because of diarrhea or lack of patient cooperation, 100 to 250 mg should be injected sc bid to tid. In encephalopathic states, 1000 mg po plus 100 to 250 mg IM is recommended. Other B-complex vitamins should also be given in therapeutic dosages.

Urinary excretion of N´-methylnicotinamide (NMN) and its pyridone is decreased. NMN excretion of < 0.8 mg/day suggests a niacin deficiency.

Well isn’t this interesting? Niacin deficiency can be checked with a simple urine test and in the past twelve months, I’ve provided three of them. With the western diet being as bad as it is, I really think that a standard urine and/or blood test should be looking for nutritional deficiencies wherever possible. It’s no wonder so many people are sick. They are not being tested for the right things.

“No matter what disease or illness you have , one of, or a combination of, these four things cause it:

  1. Toxins in your body
  2. Nutritional deficiencies
  3. Exposure to electricmagnetic chaos
  4. Mental and/or emotional stress

Kevin Trudeau is right on the money. If my theory turns out to be true, then I have a “Nutritional deficiency” caused by “Exposure to electricmagnetic chaos”. It’s really only a stab at the dark but it seems to fit. Now I just have to get someone to believe me…

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