Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 03, 2006


Because of the new diagnosis, I cancelled the appointment with my doctor on Friday. If I go in there talking about a Niacin deficiency and Alkaline PH levels he will throw me out for sure.

I came across a web site that was explaining the effects of Acid/Alkaline on the body. It listed the following for strong alkaline: Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Cesium.

My stomach was alkaline! This is why the Calcium/Magnesium tablets made me sick, that’s why bananas made me sick back in JULY. Too much Potassium!


  • PH 14: Cesium
  • PH 14: Potassium
  • PH 14: Sodium
  • PH 12: Calcium
  • PH 09: Magnesium

I can probably get further with the naturopath so I book an appointment for 10:00 AM Friday morning. Last time I saw her was when she gave me a vitamin schedule that made me worse so I never went back. Now I’ll be able to tell her why it didn’t work. My acupuncture doctor recommened Apple Cider Vinegar so I look it up on a food chart and discover that it is alkaline. There’s no way I’m trying that now.

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Entry for May 02, 2006


Armed with four pages of my printed research, I head to my eighth acupuncture appointment. I go into her office and she welcomes me in and asks me if I did any research on the Parasympathetic Nervous system. I show her the four pages and we sit down and carefully go through it. I explain each page and we talk about Niacin deficiency. She said this was extremely rare to get from a normal western diet and somehow the EMF had something to do with it.

We both agree that the EMF had an effect on the normal function of my stomach and created an environment where the Niacin conversion process was blocked by EMF intereference. This fits in with the fact that the internal vibration came first with no other symptoms. From that, the hydrochloric acid production was reduced causing the Alkaline base in my stomach and the onset of the other symptoms.

This explains why I needed high amounts of vitamin C. I needed the acid to neutralize the stomach and the chest pain? Probably heartburn. She takes my blood pressure and it’s 138/95 pulse: 76. She tells me that the high blood pressure is probably related to the overactive Parasympathetic Nervous system and not any direct problem with my heart. She suggested taking Apple Cider Vinegar.

She starts the acupuncture with a different approach. She focuses on the normal functions of the stomach and places a few needles in new places. She places something hot in both of my hands and tells me to rest. After 15 minutes she starts the cupping on my back.

She takes my blood pressure again and it’s lowered to 129/76 pulse: 66

She’s very happy about my research and asks me if she can share the information with the other doctor. Of course! I walked out very proud and excited that she agrees with the diagnosis.

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