Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 01, 2006


Started the day with half a tablet of Niacin (50 mg) and the two Super Enzymes pills and it was off to work. Around 10:30 I started to feel the pinching in my head so I take the Acidophilus and it goes away. Maybe I need to get the hydrochloric acid and PH paper to do this properly.

I go down the Shopper’s Drug Mart to see if they have any hydrochloric acid. I’m in the vitamin section and I can’t find anything so I also look in the digestive section. All they have anti-acids. I checked every single bottle and every single one of the medications were for too much stomach acid. Not one of them was for a stomach that was too alkaline. So I ask the pharmacist. She didn’t appear to know what I was talking about. I explained about the normal stomach acid and how I needed extra hydrochloric acid. Confused, she said she had never heard of this. She then asked a co-worker and he said they don’t carry it because it’s extremely corrosive. What a joke. Why do I even bother?

I stop in at a health food store on the way home and pick up hydrochloric acid from the shelf and some pancreatic enzymes. No hassle, no weird looks and a cash sale. Finally some understanding.

The PH test is only accurate first thing in the morning before breakfast so I’ll wait until tomorrow to try it. I took one tablet of the pancreatic enzymes and one 500 mg of hydrochloric acid with my dinner. Tomorrow is my Acupuncture so I’m very excited to tell her of my recent discoveries.


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Entry for Apr 30, 2006

Armed with this new information I decide to have a tuna sandwich for lunch. Before I eat the tuna, I lie down to see if I am vibrating and I am. I check again 30 minutes after the sandwich and the vibration has stopped. I was so impressed, I went to the nearest health food store and went looking for hydrochloric acid and Niacin tablets. I found the Niacin and the salesperson said they didn’t have hydrochloric acid but she recommended a supplement called “Super Enzymes”. It contains 200 mg of Betaine HCl which is the same thing so I bought it.

I wasn’t feeling great in the afternoon so I take one tablet of 100 mg of Niacin as soon as I got home. There was no immediate effect but I did seem to feel better by late afternoon.

Tomorrow I won’t take my usual Acidophilus, I’ll take the Super Enzymes instead and see what happens…

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