Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for April 10, 2006


I’ve increased by fruit intake by eating a lot of apples, pears and bananas. Still drinking two litres of water but I don’t feel any better for it.

I’ve had other projects on the go recently so I haven’t been reading the book by Kevin Trudeau and I also haven’t had time to fill out that twenty page questionaire from Women’s College.

Didn’t notice any difference taking Vitamin C with bananas but it was worth trying…Still taking about 2500-3000 mg of Vitamin C with two doses of acidophilus.

I had a very close friend call me up today and asked me how I was feeling. I told him about the 20 page questionaire and that I’m really hesitant to take it to my doctor. He convinced me to make the follow up appointment and said if that didn’t work, he would recommend his own doctor. His daughter works in a walk-in clinic and she said she could push me to the front of the line. (Great to have friends in high places…) So I leave it with him that I will follow up with my own doctor and if I don’t get anywhere, I’ll call him.

Made the follow up appointment for May 5th at 9:00 AM. (Fingers crossed)

Still vibrating…


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