Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 29, 2006 *WD*


Follow up with the walk in clinic. Doctor said the test results were fine. All of my numbers are within the safe range. He mentions that my cholesterol is just slightly above normal but it’s not a concern as I didn’t fast before taking the test. He mentions that my Triglycerides are above normal and seems confused by it but doesn’t say anything more.

The ECG wasn’t back from the specialist but he said the variation is most likely the Right Branch Bundle Block and if he finds out that it isn’t, he’ll call me back.

Fine by me. Nothing wrong with my heart. What caused the weird chest pain? Why did the vibrations get stronger and go away with Vitamin C? NO IDEA! He gives me a photocopy of the results and I take a brief look at it and notice that my Hemoglobin, Hematocrit and RBC are slighty above the normal range but he never mentioned it. Must be nothing to worry about.

Triglycerides : Anything over 2.3 is above normal and mine is 3.55.
Hemoglobin   : Anything over 170 is above normal and mine is 172.
Hematocrit     : Anything over 0.49 is above normal and mine is 0.51.
RBC                   : Anything over 5.70 is above normal and mine is 5.83.

Other than my Triglycerides being really high, the others are only mildly over the normal range. If eating pears stopped the vibrations and assuming it was Vitamin C, how much Vitamin C does a pear contain? Back to Google…

One Bartlett Pear
97.94 calories

Vitamin C: 6.64 mg

What? Only 6.64 mg per pear? Eating two – three pears a day will stop the vibrations. I’m having up to 2500 mg of Vitamin C a day and it doesn’t always work to stop them!! Is it the Vitamin C or something else? Maybe the extra fibre helps too. Who knows! Maybe I should be eating a food high in tryptophan and take the Vitamin C at the same time?

What bothers me the most is the fact that I’m convinced that my problem is related to the electromagnetic fields but a reading twenty-four inches away from the wireless intercom was in the safe range. It’s obvious to me that it’s not safe and thank god we didn’t end up using it as a baby monitor. It was listed as one of the suggested uses in the instructions.


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