Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 28, 2006


Yesterday we were out shopping and I started to get a very weird feeling over my body and I start feeling very hot. I leave the store for some fresh air and purchase some bottled water. I splash some on my face, drink the rest and I feel a little better. This kind of feeling has happened before but there’s no pain or any sysmptoms that I can describe. Nothing seems to trigger them either. I just know that something is wrong.

Third acupuncture appointment. I tell her about the weird symptoms from the past week and my experience with the walk in clinic. I mention about the increase in Vitamin C and she tells me it’s bad for my liver but agrees to the dosage if it will make me feel better. She takes my blood pressure. 143/103 pulse: 86. It’s still in the high normal range.

She starts again with the cupping technique and says I still have poor blood circulation. She explains that the brusing on my back will improve with the number of treatments. After the cupping, we start the acupuncture in the same pressure points as last week.

After resting for twenty minutes, she takes my blood pressure again: 136/81 pulse: 68

She recommends taking a herbal supplement called “Fu Fang Dan Shen Pian” It will help maintain cardiovascular function and a healthy circulatory system. Two tablets, three times a day. She asks me if I am still eating oats and apple for breakfast and she explains that it builds up the strength of the intestinal wall.

I get the feeling that she thinks the internal vibration is from my high blood pressure. I really disagree but what do I know. The doctor back in May thought it was high blood pressure too and he prescribed medication. It didn’t make any difference and in fact, made it worse!

I’ll follow up with the walk in clinic tomorrow for the test results.

Still vibrating…

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