Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 17, 2006

I’ve just started chapter six and I’m blown away by the things he is saying. Stop taking prescription drugs because it’s killing us. I’m not sure if I believe all of it but some of what he is saying really hits home based on my personal experience.

I mention bits and pieces from the book to my dad and he tells me the story of a recent news program where a reporter was diagnosed with breast cancer. She wasn’t a smoker, lived a healthy life and was careful with her diet. She was determined to find out the cause and after doing a lot of research, the only thing that stood out was the birth control pill. After researching the medication, she discovered that the type of pill she was taking could cause breast cancer if taken longer than five years. She took it for seven years and was mad that there was no warning on the label. NO KIDDING!!

I come across an article in the Washington Post that details of the criminal past of Kevin Trudeau.

Credit-card fraud and larceny he committed in his twenties. Pleaded guilty to depositing $80,000 in worthless checks. Pleaded guilty to obtaining and fraudulently using 11 credit cards and served close to two years in federal prison. Trudeau also misappropriated for his own use credit card numbers belonging to customers.

In prison on the West Coast, Trudeau hooked up with a fellow inmate named Jules Leib, who was in for attempted distribution of cocaine. He gave Leib some self-help books. When they got out, they went into business together, making infomercials and selling health products as distributors for an Amway-type multilevel marketing company called Nutrition for Life. Right away the trouble started.

David Bertrand, the former president of Nutrition for Life, remembers Trudeau listening to motivational tapes “incessantly.” He says Trudeau was “brilliant” and “one of the best salespeople I’ve ever known,” and recalls that in 1996 the company nearly tripled its sales in large part because of Trudeau. The man could sell because he seemed to really believe in what he was saying, Bertrand says, but he repeatedly took it too far.

Bertrand says he became concerned that Trudeau was making overly optimistic promises to potential distributors about how much profit they could make. “We had a number of conferences where we asked him to cool it,” Bertrand says. “It scared us.” At one point, Bertrand says, he learned that Trudeau had promised free trips to entice people to sign up as distributors. The trips never materialized, there were complaints, and Nutrition for Life had to step in, says Bertrand, and fund a weekend cruise for thousands of people. “At the time he made the promise he fully intended to comply,” Bertrand says. “He always intends to but he kind of gets carried away in his exuberance.”

In 1996, the state of Illinois sued Trudeau and Leib, accusing them of operating an illegal pyramid scheme.

In 1998, Trudeau paid half a million dollars to settle a Federal Trade Commission complaint that several infomercials he helped create were false and misleading.

In 2003, the FTC came after Trudeau again. The complaint and a separate contempt action centered on two products, one of which, Coral Calcium Supreme, was being billed as a cure for cancer, according to the FTC. Trudeau’s guest on the infomercial, a man named Robert Barefoot, went so far as to claim that in cultures that consume a lot of calcium, people are so healthy “they don’t even have children until they’re in their seventies when they’re mature enough to handle kids.”

Trouble in paradise…Kevin Trudeau may have a criminal past, and he may have taken my twenty seven dollars…but I do know one thing… he’s right about a lot of things and it makes a lot of sense.

He says electromagnetic waves can make us sick and I believe him. Every major illness today is not caused by bacteria or viruses, they are developed within the body. He says they are self-inflicted illnesses and doctors are only trained to treat the symptoms and not find out the root cause of the problem. You can treat the body when it has a fever but what caused the fever in the first place?

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