Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 16, 2006


Woke up again with lot less blockage then normal. This is fantastic. It’s still blocked up but it’s progress after one appointment. Because we have a Shoppers Drug Mart near by, I thought I would use their blood pressure machine to take some readings during the day. Before I go into work, I find the machine at the back of the store and take a reading. 125/85 Normal range.

Two days into Kevin Trudeau’s book and I’m truly shocked at the things I am reading. I’m not the type of person who believes everything I read or hear and I wasn’t aware of his infomercial either so I went into this with a completely open mind.  I wasn’t really surprised at what I was reading…but it was shocking.

Shocking to discover jet rocket fuel was found in the breast milk of 100% of the women tested in a recent study. He lists hundreds of examples from the food we eat, the air we breathe and the invisible electromagnetic waves that we are in contact with everyday is killing us or making us very very sick. The one thing that a doctor can prescribe to make us better is actually making us sick too. Prescription drugs.

I took the book into work today and two people asked to borrow it after I was done. I just bought it!! My wife mentions the book to her mother and she wants a copy. I mention the findings to my dad and he says he wants a copy too. Everyone has heard of this guy and wants to know more.

Again, I drink about 2 litres of bottled water and take my blood pressure reading down at Shoppers Drug Mart before I leave for the day. 132/80 Normal range.

The blockage in my nose has decreased but I’m still vibrating…

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