Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 14, 2006

Book in hand, I leave work early and go to my Acupuncture appointment. I walk inside and they offer me a warm glass of water while I’m waiting. It’s freezing cold and windy outside so it’s a great way to start.

I meet the doctor and she asks me to fill out a patient form with my medical history. I write down the key symptoms including my foot pain and we begin. We talk about my timeline along with the successes and failures and she presses down on my wrist. I thought she was taking my pulse but then she tells me she is listening to my lungs via Chinese pulse diagnosis.

Then she asks to see my tongue… Huh? She looks at it closely and says based on the shape, I have problems with my digestive system and heart and she asks me if I have high blood pressure. Nope! I’ve had it checked on numerous occasions during this past year and I am in perfect shape and she asks me if it’s okay to take a reading.

She tells me that the tongue diagnosis is one of the most important forms of diagnosis used in Chinese medicine. She takes a reading and tells me my blood pressure is in the high range of 138/113. That sounded high but my regular doctor never mentioned it before and he takes a reading before every appointment. She says it’s high enough that I should be monitoring it every few days. I didn’t mention my mitral valve heart problem on the form so I tell her about that.  I’m starting to wonder if my mild chest pain and shortness of breath has been high blood pressure all along?

After the examination she tells me more about Traditional Chinese Healing and how the body is one complex system and all connected. She explains in detail how acupuncture works and the effects. She explains that my allergies that I’ve had for so long has weakened my body and may be the root cause of my other problems. She suggests a treatment that starts with clearing the allergy symptoms and the digestive system. Over time, she’ll expand the treatment and we’ll monitor if it has any effect on the other symptoms. Sounds good. Let’s get started!

I lay down on the bed and she begins poking with the needles. When I say needles, they actually look like small toothpics and they don’t hurt at all. She gives me a full head massage, adds more needles and asks me to relax.

After the treatment she makes four suggestions to my lifestyle:

  1. Drink one glass of warm water every morning.
  2. Drink eight glasses of water a day.
  3. For breakfast eat a bowl of oatmeal with sliced apple.
  4. Soak my feet in really hot water for five minutes before going to bed.

Okay. This isn’t so bad…I can do this.

She also says my Vitamin C intake of 1500-2500 is too much. She recommends a different type called Redoxon that disolves in water.

When I get home, I do some reading on the symptoms of EMF and increased blood pressure is one of the symptoms. After some googling I discover that oatmeal is a natural way to lower blood pressure and the site displays a chart for blood pressure and divides a range into five zones. My blood pressure of 138/113 is shown as “Normal High” for the Systolic pressure and “Severe Stage Three” for my Diastolic pressure. So is it high because I’m nervous or is it because of my current symptoms? I’ll take a reading over the next few days to find out.

Heart trouble? For a 35 year old? I had my heart checked out two years ago by a cardiologist when they discovered the RBBB (Right Branch Bundle Block) and I’ve also had a recent ECG with my phsyical.

It was now late in the day and the only train left was the all stops to Oshawa. It will take FOREVER to get home. I’ve got my new book so I’ll start reading. I manage to finish the first two chapters and I’m hooked. 

I can’t believe what I am reading…

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