Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for February 18, 2006


We arrive home and I’m standing in my driveway pointing the meter at the cell phone towers and the meter is showing safe levels.  Inside the house I take some more readings and it is still showing safe. I feel like an idiot.

I pull out the three page instruction booklet that came with the device. It explains how to take readings with the meter and how to measure the safe distance from EMF exposure.

The second page talks about the different places in your house that could be a source of EMF. The first place it mentions is the bedroom and how this is the most important area of the house because of the time spent sleeping in one place. It says to check the windows to see if any EMFs are coming in.

It also says to avoid sleeping with electric blankets and alarm clock radios.  We don’t have an electric blanket but I do have a clock radio beside my bed. Doesn’t everyone? It also talks about appliances in the kitchen, televisons and computer screens. Another thing it mentions is taking background readings around the house as there could be ground fault with the electrical wiring. This is interesting since our house is eighty years old.

I start taking readings in the bedroom and with a radio tower near by, I take a reading by the window and it displays in the safe range. Then I take a reading close to the radio and it starts screaming. Beside the radio is an old style lamp with a steel base and next to that is a FM wireless intercom device and the meter is showing above the acceptable limit of 2 mG for all three. The interesting thing about the intercom unit is the reading was still above the acceptable limit even when the unit was powered off.

Did I create my own problem? I’ve had the same clock radio for years but the lamp and intercom system are new since moving into the house. Then I realize the other intercom base unit is next to my computer where I also spend most of my time. I unplug each of the intercom units and I move the lamp and the radio to the tall dresser.

The rest of the house seems okay. Let’s see if it makes a difference…


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