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Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for March 07, 2006

You can’t be serious…are they trying to kill me?

Toronto Hydro plans city-wide WiFi Web access available almost anywhere

Today Toronto Hydro Corp. is expected to announce plans to bring “municipal Wireless-Fidelity” (WiFi for short) to Toronto. It’s a mesh of radio signals that can blanket an entire city, giving subscribers wireless Internet access virtually anywhere.

WiFi receiving and transmitting units will be mounted on items of urban furniture, like street lamps or pay phones. They’ll pick up radio waves carrying the Internet and pass them on from street lamp to street lamp. The waves will course up and down every street in the city, through parks, schoolyards, markets and pool halls. Subscribers will surf the Internet on a park bench or in a shopping mall.

Liang said the wireless industry won’t use stronger signals because it’s not yet known if they could cause health problems. But what about an abundance of weaker signals? It remains to be seen if anyone in the city would be spooked by the increase in regular-strength signals the project would unleash.

They wouldn’t be the first to question the safety of WiFi transmissions. Fred Gilbert, president of Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, recently banned WiFi networks from parts of the campus, saying it’s still not known if regular exposure to wireless signals can have long-term health consequences.

Long-term health consequences? I’m a walking example!

And I’m still vibrating…

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Entry for March 06, 2006



My wife and I are discussing the recent developments and I mention to her about how I felt sick in the Toys R Us store in Whitby. Was it sympathy pregnancy or was it electromagnetic sensitivity? Let’s take the meter to the store to see what the readings are.

We jump into the car and just before we make the left turn onto Thickson, I point out to her the huge hydro lines behind the store. I never noticed them before. Let’s drive around the store and take some readings. We did this twice and the entire time the meter displayed safe numbers.

Let’s try readings inside the store and now that I’m feeling better and our daughter is now almost four months old, we’ll see if it has any effect. The readings are fine and there is nothing to be concerned about.

I’m not sure if it was psychological or not but I left the store feeling sick…again.

Then I remember the time we went to Subway sandwiches in the plaza right beside the Toys R Us on the same side of the street and how I felt ill. So much so that my wife went into the grocery store next door to buy pears so I would feel better. I’m not sure what the problem is but it’s suspicious that I always feel sick on the same side as the hydro lines. So why does the meter say it’s safe? Could it be that it only measures a certain frequency range?

So does the EMF have an effect on me? I need to do more research.

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Entry for March 01, 2006

What does Health Canada have to say about EMF exposure?

Health Canada’s Role

Health Canada, along with the World Health Organization, monitors scientific research on EMFs and human health as part of its mission to help Canadians maintain and improve their health. At present, there are no Canadian government guidelines for exposure to EMFs at ELF. Health Canada does not consider guidelines necessary because the scientific evidence is not strong enough to conclude that typical exposures cause health problems.

Some national and international organizations have issued exposure guidelines for EMFs at ELF. However, these guidelines are not based on a consideration of risks related to cancer or other health problems. Rather, the point of the guidelines is to make sure that the electric currents in the body caused by exposure to EMFs are not stronger than the ones produced naturally by the brain, nerves and heart. For the most part, typical EMF exposures in Canadian homes, offices and other work sites, are far below these guidelines.

No Canadian government guidelines for EMF exposure? Scientific evidence is not strong enough to conclude that typical exposures cause health problems? Looks like I am on my own. It’s now March and I’m still vibrating. I really thought I had found the problem. Why not take the meter into work? I’ll see if there is anything in my work environment that could be causing my symptoms.

The first thing I measure is the GO Train engine. I turn the meter on as I’m walking past the train and the levels are safe. I get into work and I start showing my friends. The microwave oven in the kitchen is a big hit. I measure the area around my desk and take readings at the monitor. All the levels are safe.

On the way home from work I need to take a streetcar and then a subway to get to Union Station. I get aboard the streetcar and I find a seat. I grab the meter from my pocket and turn it on. It starts squeeling like a pig and because it has automatic shutoff, I can’t turn it off. I try to muffle it underneath my coat. People are starting to look around and if I wasn’t in Toronto, they’d probably think I was some kind of terrorist with a bomb. No doubt about that one. Definately above normal readings on the streetcar.

I exit at University and head to the subway. As the subway pulls into the station I take a look at the meter. It’s showing above normal readings again but this time the subway is so loud that nobody hears the squeeling. As I’m riding to Union, I take the meter out to check it and it’s still reading high.

I guess I’m lucky I only ride them for twenty minutes a day. I wonder if any of the subway or streetcar drivers are vibrating from long term exposure? I wonder what effect it has on people who ride them for over an hour twice a day?

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Entry for February 25, 2006


There is no doubt about it. I do feel so much better but I’m still vibrating. I decide to try the meter again and I look around the house for readings. I discover two interesting sources of EMF.

Above my computer is the stereo system. It doesn’t read on the meter when it’s powered off so I avoid using it. When it’s powered on? It’s outside the safe zone.

At the bottom of my feet on the left hand side, I have an Altec Lansing subwoofer speaker. I take a meter reading and it’s outside the safe zone. I usually rest my feet on top of it whenever I am at my computer so I unplug it.

I’m amazed at the amount of EMF from the microwave. The meter displays a high level even when I’m half way across the kitchen. This is radiation, why would they design a microwave with a glass door? Just so it will look nice and more like a regular oven? This doesn’t make any sense! Out of sheer curiosity, I look up microwaves on the web site of a major appliance store. The search result shows 52 microwave ovens and every single one of them has a glass door.

If I have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, then how is it treated? I do some googling and there are a lot of sites explaining what the problem is but the only thing they mention for treatment is avoidance.

Avoidance? I work in a city with the largest RF antenna in the world. I’m screwed.

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Entry for February 20, 2006


Two days after removing the FM wireless intercom system from my night stand and I feel a difference. It felt like a weird kind of interference that was effecting my brain and it’s gone now. I don’t have the same tiredness or weakness that I usually have and my wife notices it too. I log into my pc banking and review my banking transactions to see when I purchased them.

March 14th, 2005.

May 12th, 2005 was the first time I went to the walk in clinic and I know I was vibrating for a few weeks before I went. Only problem now? I’m still vibrating… Maybe if it took a few weeks to show symptoms, it needs a few weeks to recover.

Does it have anything to do with our new cordless 2.4 gigahertz phone with two wireless handsets? I take some readings around the phones and it appears safe. The transformer however shows a very high reading when close to the power outlet. I make sure all of the phones are plugged into outlets far away from where we sit. We have two on the main floor and one in the loft. Luckily we have none in the bedroom. I don’t think the phones will be an issue as we’ve just bought them so I leave them plugged in for now…

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Entry for February 18, 2006


We arrive home and I’m standing in my driveway pointing the meter at the cell phone towers and the meter is showing safe levels.  Inside the house I take some more readings and it is still showing safe. I feel like an idiot.

I pull out the three page instruction booklet that came with the device. It explains how to take readings with the meter and how to measure the safe distance from EMF exposure.

The second page talks about the different places in your house that could be a source of EMF. The first place it mentions is the bedroom and how this is the most important area of the house because of the time spent sleeping in one place. It says to check the windows to see if any EMFs are coming in.

It also says to avoid sleeping with electric blankets and alarm clock radios.  We don’t have an electric blanket but I do have a clock radio beside my bed. Doesn’t everyone? It also talks about appliances in the kitchen, televisons and computer screens. Another thing it mentions is taking background readings around the house as there could be ground fault with the electrical wiring. This is interesting since our house is eighty years old.

I start taking readings in the bedroom and with a radio tower near by, I take a reading by the window and it displays in the safe range. Then I take a reading close to the radio and it starts screaming. Beside the radio is an old style lamp with a steel base and next to that is a FM wireless intercom device and the meter is showing above the acceptable limit of 2 mG for all three. The interesting thing about the intercom unit is the reading was still above the acceptable limit even when the unit was powered off.

Did I create my own problem? I’ve had the same clock radio for years but the lamp and intercom system are new since moving into the house. Then I realize the other intercom base unit is next to my computer where I also spend most of my time. I unplug each of the intercom units and I move the lamp and the radio to the tall dresser.

The rest of the house seems okay. Let’s see if it makes a difference…

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