Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for November 12, 2005



Morning arrives and the doctor comes in to check the progress. She is now six centimeters dialated. Only one centimeter after all of that work during the night. The doctor thinks it’s still good progress and wants to keep going for a natural birth. A few more hours pass and she mentions to me that she thought she had a fever. We call the nurse and she checks for a fever. It’s 38 so it’s a slight fever and reason for concern. After five minutes she checks it again and it’s risen to 40.  At this point a few more nurses come in to monitor. After a while I notice that her hands are turning blue, then her feet. I ask the nurse if this is normal and she says it is.

She oxygen monitor was reading low so as a precaution they strap on a mask and give her oxygen. A normal fetal heart rate usually is between 120 and 160 beats per minute. As I’m watching the fetal monitor it rises to 190 beats per second. More nurses come in and it’s a crowded room. There was so much going on that I thought I’d be doing everyone a favor by getting out of the way so I wait in the hallway. One of the nurses sees me sitting on the floor and tells me to grab a sandwich from the lunchroom, and sit in the waiting room where it’s more comfortable. She would come and get me if there is any development.

I finish off my lunch and I’m feeling better now that I’ve had the time to relax a bit. I called my parents and my wife’s parents to give them the update: No sign of the baby yet and there’s now talk of a C-Section. Her parents are now on their way to the hospital.

The last 24 hrs have been really tough and although I don’t have any of my weird symptoms, I’m really tired. I was talking to my mother about the events from last night and I’m trying to hide it but she’s a mother and she knows I’m upset. She says not to worry and that everything will turn out okay.

I go back to the room and everything seems to be better. Her hands and feet aren’t blue anymore and the baby’s heartbeat has gone back to the normal range. She’s so exhausted and we are waiting now for the doctor’s word on what happens next. She finally comes in and there has been very little progress so it’s time for the C-Section. I’m somewhat relieved now and there is finally an end to all of this. There is another C-Section in progress so we need to wait until they clear the room. Her parents arrive just before she is taken in so their timing was perfect.

The nurse hands me a pair of scrubs and tells me to change if I am to be in the operating room. They take my wife in first, get her in position and hook her up to all of the machinery. A nurse leads me into the room and shows me the seat where I can sit. A long green curtain is hiding the view and that’s fine with me! It’s a weird feeling knowing you are going to have a baby and all of the responsibility of being a parent, but to hear the cry for the first time makes it so real. The doctor brings her over to show us what she looks like. He says everything is fine and he has no concerns. She looks nothing like we imagined. I guess with her being a girl, I expected her to look like my wife. She’s adorable and looks just like her daddy.

After the birth, they ask me to leave while they finish with the surgery. I’m in the hallway and her parents are in the hall. I tell them that the baby’s born and everybody is okay. About thirty minutes later my parents show up. I had no idea they were coming! My mother was so upset and worried about the birth, they drove all the way from Orangeville to be with us.

I’ll never recommend the induction process to anyone. I’m just glad I didn’t have to do it physically although it felt like I had. My daughter was born at via a C-section after 28 hours of labour.

It was the most stressful experience I’ve had in recent memory and no real symptoms occured during the entire time but I’m exausted and running on a few hours sleep. How can my problem be stress related after yesterday and today? There’s no way… it’s impossible.

My symptoms are the same. No different, no worse, no better.

If my symptoms are stress related, it’s not showing on this day despite the tremendous amount of stress of the past 24 hours.

We spend the next few days in the hospital and we’ve survived the stress of having a baby. Evey day the doctor evaluates my wife’s condition and now they have a concern about her diarrhea. The doctor reviews her chart and tells us that the night shift nurse gave her a stool softener. It’s routine to give a stool softener after giving birth but in our case it was a mistake because she has Crohn’s disease and only two feet of colon.

The doctor checks on her again by the afternoon and now she’s concerned about the amount of gas still in the gastrointestinal tract. Because of the Crohn’s disease, she recommends that a gastro specialist come and review her file.


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