Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 27, 2005

Morning of the ultrasound and I’ve followed the prep instructions and drank two litres of water. Part of the prep work is not going to the washroom before the ultrasound. Unfortunately for me it’s raining…

I leave the house and I’m uncomfortable because I need to go but I figure I can wait until my appointment. Onto the 401 westbound.

Around Pickering I’m starting to get really uncomfortable with stomach pains. These are not my regular symptoms… I HAVE TO GO TO THE WASHROOM!!

By the time I get to Morningside, I can barely drive. I HAVE TO GO NOW!! The pain is now unbearable so I decide to pull over at the Markham Road exit.

Pulling into the industrial section area of Milner Ave I drive around the back of one unit and find a dark corner and I’m standing there in the rain. I sure hope the ultrasound people don’t notice!

I get to the office and they start the ultrasound. Because of the positions the technician put me in, I couldn’t get a good clear view of the screen. I wanted to see the worm! After about thirty minutes it was over. I asked the technician if she saw anything good and she said they weren’t allowed to discuss the results. DAMN! I’ll have to wait until I see the doctor.

Down in the lobby, I take the pill to kill the worm once and for all. It’s over.



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