Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 26, 2005

The doctor walks into the room with the results from my stool sample. Everything was normal. IMPOSSIBLE… I’VE SEEN THE EGGS!!

Explained the tapeworm theory to the doctor and because of the timeline with the cats, he agrees that I’m probably right. Tomorrow is the ultrasound and he said to have it done anyway. He checks my weight and I’ve lost another five pounds.

He flips through a couple of his medical books looking for the medication for a tapeworm. He then percribes a drug called Praziquantel. Yes that’s the one I tell him!! I reconize the unusual name from my googling.

I go straight to the pharmacy in his building and after I drop off the prescription and I wait around for about 10-15 minutes. The pharmacist calls me over and says they don’t have the medication and that she’d have to order it. No thanks, I want this today! My work is close to a Shopper’s Drug Mart so I’ll try there when I get to work.

I get to Shoppers and drop off my perscription. The pharmacist tells me the same thing but they could have it by the afternoon. Great, I’ll pick it up after work.

Because I ‘m having the ultrasound tomorrow, I didn’t want to kill the worm before I had some evidence that it actually existed. I’ll take it after my appointment.

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