Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for July 4, 2005

It’s been three weeks now of eating fruit. Bananas made me feel ill, peaches had no effect and the pears? We had a winner. When I ate two to three pears a day, the vibrations stopped. Unbelievable!

Around this time I started to have other symptoms.  I started having very weird pinching in my facial area and sometimes it was followed by a flush. Nothing dramatic, just one pinch and then nothing.  I also had this weird feeling in the top of my head that felt like my nerve endings were twitching very lightly.

I also started to notice that certain foods made me feel sick and I would feel bloated for a short time and then I’d feel fine the next day or after a warm bath.

Another weird symptom I noticed was that I would have three and four bowel movements a day. No diarrhea and no blood in the stool but it appeared very small in size. Nothing painful and at the time I hardly thought it was problem because it didn’t really effect by day to day activities.

Being a programmer, I built a simple database as a food diary to track the foods I ate, when I ate them, how I felt and the frequency of my bowel movements.


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