Diary of Unknown Symptoms

Mystery of the Internal Vibration

Entry for May 31, 2005

Fourth day taking the medication and I’m still feeling the internal vibrations. Today is my second day back at work after the weekend.  During my morning routine, I start feeling “weird”. I can’t describe it any other way. Just a feeling of being unwell. By the early afternoon, I start having a tingling sensation on the left side of my body and a very mild pinching sensation in my chest.  I started to worry about it and asked a co-worker to take me to the nearest walk in clinic.

This walk in clinic was down by the lakeshore and a ten minute drive from my work. The place was empty and he saw me right away. Gave him my symptoms and told him I was on a blood pressure medication. These new set of symptoms started after starting the medication and I never had them before today.

He checked me out and assured me everything was okay. It wasn’t a heart attack. I then told him about the test results and explained why I was on the medication for the mystery vibrations. Got the now famous puzzled look and he said that he didn’t think the vibrations were from high blood pressure and told me to stop taking the pills.

Went back to work and finished my shift.

I discussed the days events with my wife and it was mentioned that maybe it was time to get a real family doctor. These walk in clinics seem to have the attitude “You have nothing that is life threatening, so you should follow up with your family doctor”

Problem is… I don’t have one.

Still vibrating…

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